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  1. AAH I Understand now! Right I've fixed that. However there is an image box appearing which I cant get rid of. When I right click on the image it says that it is called 'online' however there is no extension on the file. Any ideas?
  2. Now this is the problem, I've done a search for 'HEADING_TITLE' in the source code, it doesnt exist. On ANY page!
  3. Hi Guys, I'm still having a problem with my code, the tag HEADING_TITLE still appears on the products pages within my catagory. The job is now overdue and I cant figure out how to remove this tag. It only appears when "$content" is added to the STS Template but if I do a search for that code within my site it simply does not exist. I really have no idea how to remove it. Please can someone help me? The site address again is: www.thepuzzleshop.com Ta. P.S. Apologies for the mouse pointer, its the customers choice not mine :)
  4. Hi, again, sorry to push this but my boss is getting impatient! :'(
  5. Thanks, your suggestion helped my sort the problem on the home page, however when in the catagories, HEADING_TITLE appears again, looking at the code it looks like I cannot find the language definitions and is therefore just displaying the tag text. However I'm not a good enough programmer to figure out a way around it.
  6. Sorry to nag, but I really need help with this, I need to give it to a customer in the next week or so. This is my problem.
  7. Hi there, I am new to OsCommerce and STS, I have everything working and its great. I do have one problem, if you take a look at www.thepuzzleshop.com/catalog you will notice that I have two text lables which should not be there, :blush: HEADING_TITLES and TABLE_HEADING_NEW_PRODUCTS, I would like to know where these text lables are located so I can remove them, this is the only problem I have and this is one excellent program, I'm not brilliant with PHP but this was a doddle to set up. Hope you can help me. Ta. :thumbsup: Alex.