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  1. so yours actually shows a little box that you can check to use that as a method of payment? mine doesn't. Elaine
  2. Laney

    Coupon help

    I am having an issue with using the coupon contribution. The only method of payment I have installed is paypal IPN. If I redeem the coupon at checkout (coupon is for $5 and purchase is less than that), the system will still put me through paypal to make the payment. Can someone help me or direct me to where I can find help to fix this? thanks, Elaine
  3. Laney


    I have disabled GV on my site, I still want to use coupons though. My question is, how do I disable the GV FAQ's now? Or it would be better just going into the php files where all the text is, and changing it to reflect only coupons? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Since I cannot get GV to work, I am just going to disable it. thanks, Elaine
  4. Laney

    Add image subdirectories

    I understand. I cannot find help elsewhere. thanks anyway, Elaine
  5. Laney

    Add image subdirectories

    Alan, I bought a loaded version of osC and it came with this contribution installed. It's not working, images added to the images subdirectories folders are not being displayed, I had to move them all back to the main images/ directory for them to be displayed. Can you help me fixing this? I will be only selling downloadable graphics and this would help me a lot in organizing the images the same way I have the catalog categories setup. thanks, Elaine
  6. Laney

    Visual Verify Code (VVC)

    I'd like to install this contribution... I have a dumb question though... how do I run the SQL script??? thanks, Elaine
  7. I don't know, I might be wrong, but I think GV are not something that you download, the amount is added to your account. At least that's what I read in the contributions readme file. It should be interesting to test buying a GV and sending it to a hypotetical friend who's got no account with the store. I haven't gotten to that stage yet, still trying to fix the problem of GV balance not showing at all. Elaine
  8. Laney

    Download links incorrect - bizarre!

    Same thing is happening to me... Someone told me that I needed to email my webhost and ask them if I've got symlinking enabled on my server, whatever that means. I already emailed them but haven't heard anything back. Let me know if you find any help. Elaine
  9. Laney

    Gift Voucher

    I've gone completely stupid. I had set up a store last year and had the gift voucher working. I started another store from scratch a couple of weeks ago (deleted the older one). I am not looking for info on how to install this contribution, I just want to understand how it works, it's already installed on my store. I can't see where the gift vouchers are in the catalog, I have no idea how this works. Any help would be extremely appreciated. thanks, Laney
  10. Laney

    Gift Voucher

    ah, now I see it. I downloaded the latest full release of the contribution and it the explanation is there! I need to create a new product with the word GIFT in the begining of the filename. :o) Thanks, Elaine
  11. Laney

    Gift Voucher

    The contribution came installed in the package I bought, so I got no instructions. thanks, Elaine
  12. Can you explain something to me? If the GV is enabled in admin, where should I see it if I am a customer? wouldn't I see it in the catalog? Elaine
  13. This is the process: click on an item, add to cart, view the cart contents, click on checkout, then I am prompted to either: login register checkout without an account I click on Checkout Without an Account, and the Order_info.php page is displayed. The only thing that I want on that page is: Name, Last Name, Email Address. How can I get rid of all that - without of course messing up with anything else in the store? I am assuming that page (order_info.php) is used somewhere else in the store codes???? Hope it's not. thanks, Elaine
  14. Can someone please explain to me how does the Download Controller contribuition works? I don't mean the description, but actually something that a person who doesn't know php could understand? thanks! Elaine
  15. Laney

    how to

    I know this will sound as a dumb question for most, but I have no idea how to actually add a gift certificate to the catalog. Can someone explain it to me? I've already created a category called "gift certificates". thanks, Laney
  16. When I choose "purchase without account" after clicking on "checkout", it takes me to a page where I need to enter personal details and address information??? Is that the way this contribuition is supposed to work? I thought that clicking on pwa would take me to a payment options page instead. Please someone enlighten me? thanks, Elaine
  17. Laney

    Purchase Without Account

    Do you think we will see these changes to osC made in a near future? Without having to use contribuitions and/or mess up with php? Elaine
  18. Laney

    Purchase Without Account

    that's right, and I was thinking about that right after I posted the reply! LOL See if this is logical though: First ask the customer HOW they want to pay for their purchase; Then depending on the choice, take the customer to the proper get info page, if the customer is paying through paypal, take the customer to the paypal login page; Otherwise, take the customer to that page that asks all that info. In my case, only paypal will be accepted, and I only sell downloads, so all I need really is a name and email addy, nothing else. Or not even that, paypal IPN could send the customer a link for the download. The more I think about all this stuff, the more I confuse myself Amanda!!!!!! LOL Elaine
  19. Laney

    Purchase Without Account

    I am failing to see the logic of it... I want to speed up the process if the customer chooses to PWA... My store is only going to accept paypal payments, so I won't really have a need for that step, what should I change then? Elaine \
  20. I've installed this skin contribution: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...all/search,skin and I am getting an error when it first starts loading the index page, if anyone would care to take a look: http://www.meaningfulscraps.com/emporium/ error: Parse error: parse error, unexpected '}' in /emporium/includes/boxes/categories.php on line 116 this is what line 116 says: $first_id = $row['categories_id']; can someone tell me what's wrong? thanks! Elaine
  21. Laney

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    Well, I thought of another use for it. I sell downloads only, digital scrapbooking kits, I thought of making a kit "unique", that is only having it for download once, to the person who makes the best offer. Once is bought, it's gone from the store. I wouldn't want to do this with all the products, only let's say once or twice a month with kits created especifically for this purpose. Elaine
  22. The contribution is here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...required+fields It's from 2002, so I was wondering if anyone has ever used this contribution. I would like to implement something like that to my store. I need to disable most of the fields on the create account, and make the bday date optional instead of required. TIA Elaine
  23. I can't believe I am seeing this!!! I've been looking for something like this, thank you thank you thank you!!! You just made my day, no no, my week! thanks again, Elaine - who will problably be back asking you some questions! :-"