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  1. Hi guys, 1st off many thanks for this cnntribution, after some script checking I have been able to remove all the instances of the serial number contribution that is in the 1.7 d/l. My question is to do with the Start & expiry dates. I have read & found that if the dates are not changed then these dates are not updated. I have been testing this & found this to be true causing the error that the credit card is not accepted. I have tested with a card that has the an expiry date Jan 07 I change the year but kept Jan... Error, however if I changed Jan to Feb fine. Did anybody find a solution to this? I am not a coder, but could it be possible to have the 1st option in the dropdown lists as 'Please Select' & then when you click this you would select the required dates & therefore fill in an entry into the fields If someone thinks this might work, if you can point me in the right direction I will be willing to have a go (and probably break it a few times LOL)