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  1. Hi ! I think this topics from this thread could help you: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...;p=897112 http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...adspiegel This will work perfectly if you change only the product/category name. The ID have to remain. I'm looking for another solution for a permanent redirect. I would like to redirect permanent my article site to another site. In .htaccess I put Redirect permanent /product-xyz-p-888.html http://www.myshop.com/landingpage.html But this will cause the same above mentioned problem. The site shows up as http://www.myshop.com/landingpage.html?products_id=888 How do I remove the "?products_id=888" ?? greetings Bernd
  2. mederano

    [Contribution] More Category Boxes

    Hi Sheri, it's a long time ago since you wrote this but.... did you solve the problem with Ultimate SEO and More Categories and get both to work. Or is here anyone who did it right?? My problem is that the subcategories in a second box will not be shown if i click it. The subcategories in box1 do. I replace in more_categories.php $categories_string .= tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT, 'infoBox=' . $boxId . '&' . $cPath_new) . '">'; with $categories_string .= tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT, '&' . $cPath_new) . '">'; the "?infobox=0" disappeared and my USEO Urls didn't change. But after that the subcategories don't appear in box2. When I don't change the a.m. code , it will work fine but the URLs change and that's not what we like.... :-( I hope that someone can help me greetings from Germany Bernd
  3. Hi Dudes ! I use this great contribution too. i changed my installation of my Badspiegel Shop from xyz.com/shop to the root directory (xyz.com/). The problem is, that the old URLs are still reachable. The old URLs are listed at google and I will delete it in the future but if there is no problem to reach the sites with the wrong URL, there is no chance for deleting it. Google will still find the old sites, although I blocked the shop directory in the robots.txt The whole content of the /shop directory is deleted but the SEO Contribution still rewrites the old URLs to the new ones. So if i type : xyz.zzz/shop/product.html or xyz.shopbangboombang/product.html or xyz.shcdhvfhsdhfhdhdhj/product.html the original content of url : xyz.zzz/product.html will be shown with the wrong URL that doesn't exists. How can I fix this ? so that only the real files in the root are reachable for google ? greetings from germany