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  1. This contrib is GREAT. I am wondering if I messed something up along the way here. When a user makes a new account and saves the info, they are dropped into the login screen. They then have to log in with the info they just typed in (email address and password). Is there some way to make it so they are either: 1. Dropped into the first step of the checkout if they have something in the cart OR 2. At the very least, logged in with the new account. It is entirely possible that I hosed something along the line, but just don't know what it was... Chris
  2. chrissc


    Simon, in case no one told you... U ROCK!!! I have no coding skills whatsoever. I was worried that these two awesome contribs wouldn't work together. I eventually found your note below, and now they both work! I'll say it again. U ROCK! Chris