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  1. It took a while to get this one but look at line 31 in catalog/include/boxes/amazon.php The "rcm.amazon.com" should be replaced with Amazon.co.uk address which is "rcm-uk.amazon.co.uk" Then change to your Associates ID - ending in "-21" Immediately after the ID is the code "&o=1". This should be "&o=2" as this seems to be a UK identifier. So the code you need for the UK should start to look like this. Another change is the "_top" reference which can be changed to "_blank" if you want it to open in a new window PS Remember to do the same in the Admin version of amazon.php if you want to view the products in the Admin section. HTH
  2. We've got our own custom version of this and it has stopped working too. The error says that we need a licence key. We've registered and now have 1000 free checks but thats the limit. We'll need to pay from then on.
  3. emanresu

    Help why the price rounding up

    If it is always reverting to 1.00. 2.00, 3.00 check you configuration of currencies in the admin as a first step. You may want to try different tests so you can give us more information on the problem
  4. You should be able to switch the shipping options on/off in Admin/Shipping without going near the code.
  5. emanresu

    Urgent Help need shipping module

    This might give you a start with the coding ..or might even give the complete answer http://www.oscommerce.com/community?contri...il&category=all
  6. There could be one of 3 problems 1. Check your settings in EP. Which directory is it looking for i.e. what is the name of the "temp" directory 2. Check the config.php settings to make sure the program knows where the temp directory is 3. USe CHMOD to see the directory attributes to make sure you can write to the directory. It's usually the combination of 1 & 2 above so that EP goes looking in the wrong place
  7. emanresu

    Easy Populate Version 3

    XML inputs and outputs?
  8. In admin/easypopulate.php check for $tempdir = "/temp/"; Also CHMOD the Temp directory to see the settings
  9. emanresu

    CC Payments

    Worldpay ask to make a few entries on their server but apart from that its straightforward ...and there are plenty of Worldpay/OSC users to advise if anything looks wrong.
  10. emanresu

    Payment Not Registered

    Sometimes customers do not confirm their orders or they are not brought back to the site after they've paid. If Paypal is your main method of collecting payment, install the Paypal IPN contribution to help. Also Recover Carts (which is a sales tool) is very good at finding these lost orders.
  11. emanresu

    CC Payments

    Automatic CC payment processing through Worldpay or Paypal or many others... Its easy to install and set up once you've got the Merchant Account. Worldpay has human tech support. Not sure about the others.
  12. emanresu

    UK Tax Configuration

    Are Tax Zones correctly set as is the trial order being 'purchased' from within the tax zone?
  13. emanresu

    CC Payments

    In Admin / Modules / Payment. Install the payment types you want to offer and enter your details there.
  14. emanresu

    Downloading Datasheets and MSDS's

    On the product page instread of adding the link to the manufactuer use www.yoursite.com/pdf/file.pdf. or add it in the HTML with a graphic like 'Click here'
  15. emanresu

    Callback Worldpay

    Hello Here are the Worlday standard settings: Do you want to accept WorldPay payments? [ True] Worldpay Installation ID [xxxxxx] Mode [0 = Live] Use Pre-Authorisation? [True] Pre-Auth [E] Sort order of display.[0] Set Order Status [Default] If these are set and you are still getting Callback errors check your installation again or call them for advice.