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  1. hostmistress

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    You're welcome, Andrea! I'm leaving the e-mail line out on my installation because if the e-mail matches what PayPal has in their database, it forces a PayPal login process. I wanted to give my customers the option of using a new e-mail address or skipping the PayPal login. I was also parsing the phone number -- which is a can of worms for international users -- when I discovered the phone number is also a PayPal trigger for forced login. Hopefully, PayPal will eventually learn to be happy with their transaction and discount fees and let us use them as a true payment gateway. I've looked for a contribution using the pure PayPal API, but haven't found one. Is anoyone aware of an API module/hack to do the whole transaction entirely on our own site? -- k.
  2. hostmistress

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Make sure the no_shipping line is set to zero: I just bought something on our store and checked the PayPal merchant history: Maybe there's a cookie problem with some users? Anyway, it works for me (knock wood) and I can live with this until MS3 is released. I'll probably tinker with the IPN stuff a bit more to make it more tightly integrated, but I'm hanging back to see what the core osC team does first.
  3. hostmistress

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Yes, there is. I wrote a code snippet that does this because it was driving our customers crazy. I'm calling it the PayPal Form Prepopulator (PFP) :D and you can download the code here, or just copy/paste is from the text below. Enjoy!