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  1. Altbier


    I think we have found a bug, maybe just the way we are using it. Currently we have Award Points for Specials turned off. We dont want to give points for specials. When a customer orders a regular box of cigars and one of the closeout boxes we are selling for $15 (a special) the module is awarding points for the whole order. On the up side, if they just order a special item, no points are awarded like it is supposed to work. Still a great module, just we are pissing off a few customers when we dont give them the full amount of points they think they deserve. We would be nice: If in points pending we can go in and adjust the number of points and then approve them. What we have to do now is go in and cancel the pending points and then apply the correct amount to the clients account. Or if the module just applied to points that are not discounted. Thanks!
  2. Altbier


    Thanks deep-silver for taking the time to make this contribution and for taking your time to find my error! We have had this running for a week, and the customers love the points system! There has been a bump in sales and I believe a larger average on sales just because of this module! Where do we vote on this being the contribution of the year? Thank you again! You are a great commodity for os commerce!
  3. Altbier


    are these set correctly?
  4. Altbier


    All of that was correct, the only thing i had set that i changed today was: limit points before redemptions = 500 max points per order 500 i changed those to 700 and 500 but still it does not show up at check out.
  5. Altbier


    OK, I have triple checked my code, the settings and made sure I had enough points to redeem. I have added a module to add electronic check and I am wondering if that has overridden points system even though the code is there. any thoughts? www.mrbundles.com
  6. Altbier


    Arrrgh, everything works except for when the customer at checkout, there is no place for them to redeem points. I gave myself 1001 points and there is no place at checkout to redeem them. where did I go wrong? www.mrbundles.com
  7. Altbier


    Thank you, i just installed the module and it works like a charm, there was one bug in the english.php file where there was and extra ')' but quick fix and it works fine. thank you very much for doing this. it is what i have been wanting to do for a long time! THIS SHOULD BE THE CONTRIBUTION OF THE YEAR!
  8. My web store now has about 1300 products and I can no longer download or load to a temp directory the spreadsheet from the web store. the browser just keeps timing out. I am using IE 6.0 the problem started happening when we got over 1000 products, but one in a blue monn we could get it to work. now it just times out. any ideas on how I can download an updated spreadsheet?
  9. Altbier

    Help with CVV 2.21 mod install

    Can someone explain how I change this one CVV field to being required when they place a credit card order? Right now they can leave it blank and the order still gets processed. Thanks!
  10. Altbier

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Nevermind, I found my mistake
  11. Altbier

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    OK, I have installed the contribution and on testing it I get this error Error the data base does not exist. Here is my code if someone can point me in the right direction. $OutFile = "http://www.mrbundles.com/catalog/feeds/mrbundles.txt"; //"CHANGEME-full-path-to-file-with-777-dir-and-file-permissions.fr-outfile.txt"; $destination_file = "mrbundles.txt"; //"CHANGEME-filename-to-upload-to-froogle.txt"; $source_file = $OutFile; $imageURL = 'http://www.mrbundles.com/catalog/images/'; $productURL = 'http://www.mrbundles.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id='; $already_sent = array(); $home = "sql1.infinology.com"; thanks
  12. Altbier

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Ok, I am working on loading this contribution, it looks great. Am I to understand that it will work with other comparitive search engines? Or is there other contributions to add with the froogle.php? Thanks.
  13. Altbier

    Help with USPS module

    Yep, you have to call the USPS to make your account active and change the setting to the other server.
  14. Altbier

    [Contribution] Wishlist v1.2 - Extended

    I am getting this error because of wish list. Can someone tell me what file it is coming from and what they think will fix it? 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax near '' at line 1 delete from customers_wishlist WHERE customers_id=3 AND products_id= [TEP STOP] Thanks George
  15. Altbier

    easy populate for address book

    From what I understand, instead of using easy populate, you can add all your customers to your MySQL data base.