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  1. We'd like to offer people a discount coupon if they submit a product review on our site, and I'm trying to figure out how best to implement this. I'm planning to install the Request a Review contribution (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5471) but I think we need a little more than that, since the write review form doesn't collect an email address, we'll need to manually pair up orders with reviews... has anybody done something like this and is there a contribution or solution that makes this work? Thanks! Janet
  2. janetgot

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    edited: sorry, the forum hiccupped and posted my question twice
  3. janetgot

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    edited: server hiccup...
  4. janetgot

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    I have a strange problem with a heavily modified shop that uses STS... I'm not sure when this problem started, but I am having no luck tracking down the issue/resolution and am hoping somebody here can help. My issue is with my menu... I have Top level categories and 2 levels of subcategories. From the homepage all the menus go to the proper category page and display the correct STS template. But if I click into a Subcategory, and then from there click BACK to a top level category, the cPath is holding on to the subcategory path, and while it displays the correct products, my template is not working, and it will show the template from the corresponding subcategory that is connected to that cPath... Right now, I have my categories.php page hardcoded with my menu. I know this is only a temporary fix, and I'd really appreciate any ideas on where I might find the problem? I'm not sure that this is an STS problem but since it is a problem calling the correct template, I am hoping somebody might have run into this issue too? Thanks, Janet If it helps, here is my categories.php file:
  5. janetgot

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    I tried putting the code there, and the page ignored it... When I set this up on the dev site, I put the code with the rest of my includes in the sts_user_code.php file as such: $sts->start_capture(); require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'boxes/dm_categories.php'); $sts->stop_capture('dmbox', 'box'); I have tried putting the footer code in application_bottom.php and in my STS footer box... The error shows up when I upload the sts_user_code.php file and this is the error I get: LayersMenu Error: setDirroot: ./ is not a directory. Halted. Can it be something in layersmenu-common.inc.php where the error initiates? function setDirrootCommon($dirroot) { if (!is_dir($dirroot)) { $this->error("setDirroot: $dirroot is not a directory."); return false; } if (substr($dirroot, -1) != '/') { $dirroot .= '/'; } $oldlength = strlen($this->dirroot); $foobar = strpos($this->libjsdir, $this->dirroot); if (!($foobar === false || $foobar != 0)) { $this->libjsdir = $dirroot . substr($this->libjsdir, $oldlength); } $foobar = strpos($this->imgdir, $this->dirroot); if (!($foobar === false || $foobar != 0)) { $this->imgdir = $dirroot . substr($this->imgdir, $oldlength); } $foobar = strpos($this->icondir, $this->dirroot); if (!($foobar === false || $foobar != 0)) { $this->icondir = $dirroot . substr($this->icondir, $oldlength); } $foobar = strpos($this->tpldir, $this->dirroot); if (!($foobar === false || $foobar != 0)) { $this->tpldir = $dirroot . substr($this->tpldir, $oldlength); } $this->dirroot = $dirroot; return true; }
  6. janetgot

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    I am using STS and trying to install this on a live store. It worked on my dev server, but on the live site, I am get the following error: LayersMenu Error: setDirroot: ./ is not a directory. Halted. I get this error when I add this code to my sts_user_code.php file per the instructions from How to get Dynamenu to work with STSv4x By: Bill Kellum $sts->start_capture(); require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'dm_categories.php'); $sts->stop_capture('dmbox', 'box'); Can somebody help me figure out how I can eliminate this error? Thanks, Janet
  7. janetgot

    [Contribution] Show Sub-categories

    I am having this same problem, and have tried this fix, but nothing changed... are there any updates to this fix? Thanks.
  8. janetgot

    Shipping Zone Question

    Josh, have you tried this contribution? I just installed it and it works great. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ons,3404/page,3
  9. janetgot

    free shipping

    Hi, I just installed this module, but I'm not seeing it show up on my checkout_shipping.php page... I am using this version: Free Shipping w/ Minimum Amount3.5e-b Ran the US Lower 48 SQL statement in update for us and canada ship zones And configured the module in admin, selecting the Lower 48 I am also using a tax zone for orders placed in Rhode Island. This is the only other Tax Zone in my list. But when I checkout, I don't see the free shipping option. I'm also using UPS and Zone Based Express Shipping Rates, which do show up. I turned off the OSC Free Shipping option in the Order Total Section. I'm stumped. Can anybody offer suggestions of what might be causing this to not work? Thanks, Janet
  10. janetgot

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Hi Jan, I appreciate your help! I think you pointed me in the right direction... I looked at the case delete_attributes section and compared it to the install version. there was some code there I missed... I've included the code below... when I tried this, I get two confirm/cancel buttons side by side, and if I confirm using either one, the attribute deletes... should there be two here? Or is there something I need to adjust? Here's the code, and thank you so much for your assistance!
  11. janetgot

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Hello, Thank you for this contribution, it is a big help to a client who wants wholesale pricing for her site. I am stuck on one silly thing now. On the admin side, my products attributes won't delete. I don't get an error message, but the attribute that is assigned to the product won't go away when I hit delete, and then confirm. I'll copy my code below. I think it might have started with this contribution because I don't see any other mods near this code. However, I do have QTPro V4 installed as well. Here's my code... any ideas?
  12. Thanks, I was able to sort it out and get it working again... I'll check out Contribution Tracker... sounds like it would be VERY helpful!
  13. Hi, I think I messed something up ! I'm in process of rebuilding an old osCommerce site using the latest versions of all the contributions, and I'm almost done. I have PWA installed and tested on my development server... all is well. However, here's where I messed up... I tranferred all my customers and order data from my old live database to my new database and I might have broken PWA there. Now on my newly moved site, when I fill out my address page in create_account.php and hit next, I get the following error: Here's where it coughs: I looked in my customer table and don't see the column, but I also don't see it in the english.sql for this app, so I'm a little stumped if I'm on the right track. If anybody has an idea of where I should look to fix it, I'd greatly appreciate it... meanwhile, I'll keep looking on my own and try adding the column back over on the dev site... Thanks, Janet
  14. janetgot

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Yes, I tried porting over the data, but it's not showing up... I think because my product categories do not match up with the old database. Bummer!
  15. janetgot

    [Contribution] STS v4

    I am not sure I'm asking in the right place, but perhaps somebody here can help. I have STS installed on a heavily modified version of osCommerce but needed to upgrade to the RC version, so I basically am starting from scratch and reinstalling using all the latest versions of my favorite contributions (like STS!). I have everything almost ready for prime time. The one thing I wasn't able to get ported over was the actual product/orders data for the "Bestsellers" info box. I moved over all the data from my live site's customers and orders tables, but it doesn't show up. If I put in a fake order, the product shows up as a bestseller, so I know it's working right in STS. I was just hoping to port over the historical data from the old site. When recreating the site I wasn't able to match up all my category ids, and I'm sure my product ids are also not the same... can somebody tell me if this is the problem with the data not transferring? If so, I'll just call it a night! Thanks so much, and again, thanks for a great contribution... this one makes all the difference! Janet