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  1. patrikolsson

    Tax amount not showing in Paypal

    Is there a way of forcing PayPal to add the tax prior to paying? Most people would find it odd seeing the value of the order change during the checkout, the shop displays the prices including tax.
  2. patrikolsson

    [CONTRIBUTION] File uploads as an Option Feature

    Also, there seems to be a problem with filenames containing spaces. Remove the space and DOT in the file name and it will work. // In application_top.php: //$real_ids[TEXT_PREFIX . $HTTP_POST_VARS[UPLOAD_PREFIX . $i]] = insert_id . ". " . $products_options_file->filename; $real_ids[TEXT_PREFIX . $HTTP_POST_VARS[UPLOAD_PREFIX . $i]] = $insert_id . $products_options_file->filename; Patrik