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  1. Can anyone direct me to an osCommerce or osMax contribution that would allow me to search for a customer by name from the admin side and pull up a list of their previous orders by date and/or order number that would then let me see what they've ordered in the past on each order, and how much they've spent all together for all orders?
  2. Can someone tell me where to manually set the maximum article titles displayed per page in a category? I can't do it from the admin panel because the article configuration file is not found when I click the link for it, even tho it is actually there. I found in the article files where it calls MAX_ARTICLES_PER_PAGE in the code, but I can't find where that is defined or find which table to manually set it in the database.
  3. I have an affiliate who wants to know how he can check his 2nd tier affiliates to see that he is getting credit for them and their sales. I don't know what to tell him. Can anyone explain to me how this works?
  4. aaanativearts


    Can you direct me to the code that needs changed? Thanks