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  1. Abbas

    WYSIWYG HTMLArea v1.7

    I get a strange error when I try yo open up the image window...something which says Array directory not found. I created an Array directors inside images but then any image i insert has a wrong URL. Please help! -Abbas
  2. Abbas

    Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    I'ev installed this contribution and its great but one small problem. At the wish list, when they click the "Continue" button, they're back to the wishlist page. I think the Continue should take them back to the catalog or where they came from -Abbas
  3. Commenting the line didnt help- still dont see any editor. And yes, configure.php is present in the admin/includes/local folder -Abbas
  4. Yep- that code is present on the new categories file. I'm installing it from the 2611 contribution and have tried it with IE6 and Firefox. Strange thing is that the older, regular editor doesnt show up either with the new categories.php file, but if I replace it with the original one, I can see the older editor. -Abbas
  5. If I replace the original categories.php file, I can get the older editor to work. -Abbas
  6. Thanks- I went there and it is enabled. I tried disabling it as well but I cant see ANY Editor any more when trying to add or edit a product. Help!
  7. Ok, I copied te files and processed the SQL thru phpmyadmin- but where do I "turn htmlarea on from the admin panel" Thanks Abbas
  8. I'm kinda lost- I installed it over a new OSC MS2.2. Basically, I just copied files over but I'm not sure on how to install the HTMLArea SQL file. I dont see any editor when I try to add/edit products now. Can someone please tell me what needs to be done with the SQL file? Thanks Abbas