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  1. Don't worry replying to this problem I have scrapped this module and implemented my own solution. Thanks for taking the time!
  2. Hi there, I am having trouble with getting this working at all. The image still displays as normal without the expected product_thumb.php?img=images/ part appended to the image tag. The image url is /x-scripts/oscommerce/images/OB12121.jpg I have checked and rechecked all instructions and believe that I have all points as per instructions. The other posts here seem to not cover my problem. Any ideas where to start as I have run out of things to check or change. Thanks in advance!
  3. Can anyone help with this? I have installed the eWay payment module and completed all the setup steps...correctly I think! An errror occurs after completing checkout_payment.php. The error shows up on checkout_confirmation.php The script returns..... 1146 - Table 'orchidaceousboo.zones' doesn't exist select * from zones where zone_name = 'Qld' [TEP STOP] The problem seems to be that the script is looking for a table 'orchidaceousboo.zones' The table should really be 'osc_zones' does anyone know where to look to rectify this. Otherwise everything else is completed and seems to be OK. Have a look at the site at Note no book data is up at present.