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  1. No - but it could be a java interaction (once again we should be using php or java - not both). Try commenting out the java code and see if it goes away. You should also probably be stating which browser and version you are using and test other browsers to get useful feedback.
  2. First see my post above - I have it working with Force Cookies is set to True The error message is from : includes/languages/english.php where TEXT_CCVAL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CARD is defined The java verification is bad policy (This should not be done this way - the check should be done in php to reduce the number of requirements/exploit problems ) You can try turning it off via MODULE_PAYMENT_CHARGEIT_CVV_REQUIRED There was a fix in the java - but I have a foggy memory that there might be more problems with it. At one time I was going to upload a fixed version but it is closed to uploads.
  3. Google is complaining about : Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold contentFrom this add-on - will soon effect page rank. I don't agree with Google’s take - it is up to the browser when to load what - not the position on the page - but they are not likely to listen to me.
  4. I have gotten both Paypal standard and express working with the app - now attempting to get 'log-in with paypal' going. For some reason, it uses another set of credentials - and one needs to create a REST app[sic]. The documentation has few clues, but I found one can go to and navigate to the REST API - then on the top click on dashboard. One creates a sandbox account (it picks an email for you - that you might have to get to work? and there is a phone number on the account ?? nothing makes a lot of sense here) Then you create an API call osc and that is pretty much where I'm stuck - there are a large number of options (see attached picture) and there is an URL they are looking (calling it a webhook fails to illuminate) I would like to know what to put there. There are about 50 settings - I'm not sure what they should be - I think that it will use paypal-express to check-out - but there is not documentation I've found. It appears that some of these settings are for yet another payment system? Any hints here would be welcome. ( a list from someone with a working system?) On the OSC side - there are check-boxes and buttons to set - It seems clear that the buttons are something you are going to want regardless (so why make it optional?). It is not clear if the check-boxes for the account information would need be set or if they would cause some problem if they are set?
  5. OK - after much searching: there is a setting on the shopping cart side that says: This should say : Instant Update Enable this to have PayPal CREATE a list of shipping rates after the customer has selected their shipping address during the Express Checkout flow.
  6. I have this working with paypal standard. When I try to make it work with paypal express - it brings me over to paypal - shows the low order fee, but not the shipping? Seems to be forcing me to use Paypal shipping information. Questions: 1 - Should I be seeing the my shipping quote on the first paypal page? I don't - I do see the low order fee. I have the obsficated log at
  7. The 10% discount for doing this on-line adds up. I think I figured out a path to a solution. Firefox has extensions that auto-fills forms - all one needs is a script to produce the appropriate feed for a Firefox extension and create a special extension to plug the values in. So the easy part is creating the feed - but I've never written a firefox extension.
  8. My understanding is you then have to pay at the post-office - at a higher rate. I could be wrong, but my understanding is there is no API to take advantage of the click-n-ship rates. Do you have a link to the docs for this API? There was also a contribution that let one do a similar thing with UPS-on-line shipping - also no longer works. The other change in the landscape is dimensional shipping - which there isn't a good way to deal with multiple items ordered at one time. (I use the t-ship add-on and then decide which carrier later.)
  9. There is a commercial package called egrabber that used to support USPS - and no longer does. I'm thinking that this is dead for now - USPS has API's but they are plugging 'partners' and there isn't one for click-n-ship. My hunch is there never will be one - it takes business away from the 'partners' (wonder who get the kickbacks?) - the old postage meter boondogle. Realize that usps is a government cartel - they have no interest in entrepreneurs. As of today it is cheaper to ship a minimal package from China to anywhere in the USA than one can ship the same package from neighboring towns. Not a level playing field.
  10. @@kymation Actually, one could detect that there are no subcategories and put conditional text where I have it in my example. The workaround I posted works well enough for me, Nothing in jQueryUI is a show stopper. I think you mean to simply not have the bottom half - which might actually confuse people. I thought about simply putting a right pointing arrow grafic in empty subcategories.
  11. I like this add-on, except for catagories that don't have sub-catagories. I changed the last line of the following bit starting at about line 63 : $categories_string .= '<a href="#">'; $categories_string .= $tree[$counter]['name']; $categories_string .= '</a>'; $categories_string .= '</span>' . PHP_EOL; $categories_string .= '<div><b>' . $tree[$counter]['name'] .' → </b>' . PHP_EOL; This helps, but isn't perfect.
  12. zpupster - not forcing cookies creates a security issue - too long to explain here - just read about it:
  13. This is working now - must have been a poblem on Paypals end - short while. = 6 days.
  14. That error comes from ; includes/apps/paypal/admin/actions/start/process.php Where it is testing an array called $result a var_dump($result); gives us: array(1) { ["rpcStatus"]=> string(4) "-100" } Testing just before this line: if ( isset($result['rpcStatus']) && ($result['rpcStatus'] === '1') && isset($result['merchant_id']) && (preg_match('/^[A-Za-z0-9]{32}$/', $result['merchant_id']) === 1) && isset($result['redirect_url']) && isset($result['secret']) ) { so merchant_id is not set...
  15. (app-paypal-4_039) Installed rather easy. I have a hunch that one should remove any existing paypal modules first - I didn't do that and now I have an interesting situation. I am able to enter my live paypal information - but I get this message if I click to request the sandbox credentials: Could not initiate the start account procedure. Please try again in a short while. For a couple of days now. I can see my paypal balance. ,.,. This isn't easy to backout for some reason - might need removal instructions.