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  1. It's easy. In admin configuration there is a default shipping/pacakging setting. There if you set the maximum weight of the package you will ship is 20kgs, then it will split automatically. I am using creloaded version Oscommerce. I am not sure if you can set this from your admin.
  2. Hi, buddy. You can't do that!!! order id is only available after this order is placed. Before that, there is no order id. That's why you can't do that. And actually it's illogical to do that before the order is placed since there may be many customers on line at that time. They are shopping but they may not going to check out. If you still want to do that, you need add " insert $orders['orders_id']
  3. ebayer

    add weight to admin\orders.php page

    Hi, I did that by chance. We I did was: I changed some thing in checkout_payment.php to let the weight display in that page. Then the infomation will be saved automatically and displayed in admin page. Hope that will work for you
  4. ebayer

    free shipping discount for order pickups

    crack free shipping when you make the coupon. Dose that help?
  5. ebayer

    Wholesale Basket Inquiry

    I have an idea to work it out. You can simply change the money order payment module or send on cash module. In that way the order will be created and saved. Then you can change the title of the comments. Just ask your customers write what that want to inquiry in the comments box. Then everything done.
  6. ebayer

    Add PayPal fees

    Why not charge additional fee? Paypal fee is too high. You can do that. There are two existing contributions will let you do that. Just search Paypal fee in the contribution page. On my website, I charge 2% if customers want to use Paypal. All of my customers think that's ok. They said many website charge 3%, relatively my website is very nice. That save me hundreds of dollars and no customers complain that.
  7. Hi, all: I installed the balance V3. Everything is ok if the order total amount is less than the balance. But if the balance is more than order total, it will still hand to payment gateway. How can I let it the order succeed in this case? Many thanks in advance. Hope to see your suggestion.
  8. Still a problem here. If the balance is larger than the order total amount, how can I check out?
  9. ebayer

    PayPal Website Payments Pro

    Wow, that sounds good! Waiting...
  10. ebayer

    PayPal Website Payments Pro

    Sorry, I don't understand your meaning. If just as your description, the current Paypal IPN module is what you need. But that is available for years.
  11. ebayer

    Where to judge if the payment is successfull?

    Hi, mibble I am writing a payment module for a gateway of China. the website is www.ips.com.cn All of their customers are Chinese. I don't know how to handle the return string from the gateway. If success, the string 'succ'=Y If fail, 'succ'=N I read some payment module scripts. now I have no idea
  12. HI, guys I am writing a new payment module by myself. The problem is I don't know how to use the return string to work in my oscommerce shop. The return string from the payment company interface is like this: bill number . amount . date . 'succ'(Y is success, N is fail ). Msg(bank) .Signature I don't know which file should I include the 'succ' to judge Y or N. Could some one help me out? Many thanks
  13. For example: moneybookers, or original paypal module. If customers click confirm order but don't pay, then the order will not be saved. How can I get those order saved in database? I lost a lot of information then my customers complain that a lot. I tried a contribution names Held Orders. It can saved the order, but the customers can't find that in account history. Please help me Thanks
  14. Report two bugs: In V5.13 or V5.13a, if create a discount coupon + free shipping then only free shipping works. Thanks to Gyakutsuki's V5.13b. the new ot_coupon.php will create a effective coupon code when discount+free shipping. but there are still two tiny bugs: 1, when create a discount coupon: discount + free shipping ( for example 10% off + free shipping over 100 dollars) The name of the coupon will be only: free shipping Hope some one will correct the name to 10% off + free shipping for over... 2, maybe the same bug: In the shopping cart info box, the coupon info will also display as free shipping, no discount information. Hope some guy can correct this. Before the correction, I suggest users please create two kinds of coupons separately: only discount coupon or only free shipping coupon. And at last one suggestion: I also installed a free shipping contribution. With this, when check out, the customer will be informed the minimum order requirement for free shipping.(not coupon) CCGV has the same function to let me set the minimum order for free shipping but customer will know this only if their orders meet the minimum. I hope CCGV can also let the customer know the minimum in any check out condition. Thanks.
  15. I searched previous posts but still can't solve this problem: Warning: main(includes/classes/boxes.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /Users/yangyang/Sites/osc/includes/application_top.php on line 434 Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required 'includes/classes/boxes.php' (include_path='.:/usr/local/php/lib/php') in /Users/yangyang/Sites/osc/includes/application_top.php on line 434 I have tried many times and alway met this warning? what's the matter here? Thanks