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  1. tsieber

    Verisign Issues

    This is a reminder that anyone who modifed the URL to https://cf.payflowlink.verisign.com/payflowlink.cfm that this URL is being removed from service on July 1, 2005. The current URL is https://payments.verisign.com/payflowlink For those that experienced any issues during the migration to the new URL, all known issues have been resolved. Please modify you code to point to the new URL. Todd Payment Services VeriSign, Inc.
  2. tsieber

    Verisign Issues

    Can anyone verify if older versions of OS Commerce use the CUSTID field for the SessionID? If so, this could be the problem with Silent Post. The CUSTID field is only 11 characters, but it seems older versions used it to pass a 40 char Session ID. Current version passes the Session ID in the USER1 field, which is where it should be. Todd
  3. tsieber

    error on verisign payment

    There have been a few merchants reporting that OS Commerce is using the CUSTID field to store a sessionID. I was under the impression that USER2 is where the sessionID was stored. Do older version store it in CUSTID? Todd
  4. tsieber

    Verisign Issues

    For now you can. However, I would like to work with someone who might have a development system available that is experiencing the problem. Known issues revolve around silent post, return and post URL (which will no longer be suppported effective July 1, due to security concerns) and merchant identification error.
  5. tsieber

    Verisign Issues

    I work with VeriSign and the fix stated above is only a temporary fix. VeriSign is in the process of removing our cold fusion servers and the URL listed above will only be available for a short timeframe. At this time, we are unaware of the actual reason why the shopping cart is not working as we know of other OS Commerce sites using the new URL. The current URL for Payflow Link should be https://payments.verisign.com/payflowlink. If anyone else is having issues, I'll be happy to work with you directly to resolve them. Todd
  6. tsieber

    Verisign Payflow problems

    Your transaction was approved! However, a communication error with the merchant's site occurred. This occurs on Payflow Link accounts using Silent Post. Once VeriSign posts the data back to your web site we expect a server 200 response. If we do not get this and you have "Failed Silent Post" turn-on we issue the error. NO e-mail is generated; however the credit card was authorized but voided.
  7. tsieber

    Verisign PayflowPro_FIX-1.2

    Partner is VeriSign unless you purchased your account from a reseller/partner then it would be the name they gave you. User defaults to the same as Vendor unless you have setup a seperate USER account for transactions. Vendor is your login ID with VeriSign.
  8. tsieber

    error on verisign payment

    Update, VeriSign Payflow Link USER field issue: We had an issue deploying our code update last week and had to reschedule the fix for today (Monday, 02/14/05). This fix should go into production starting at 5:00 pm PST. Todd
  9. tsieber

    error on verisign payment

    I work for VeriSign Payment Services and wanted to post that I have submitted a patch request for this issue. Even though the documentation states that these fields should be 31 characters, our old service did not perform the validation as it should have. Since we have moved to a new version of Payflow Link validation was added. This will be patched tomorrow after 5:00 pm PST (can take a few hours to be complete) to allow up to 255 characters in the USER1 to USER10 fields.