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  1. butterflyguy

    FAQ system contribution

    Larissa, Which version did you install? ray
  2. butterflyguy

    FAQ system contribution

    Timm, I installed your reworked version to My Shop and its great. However, it does not jump to the answers when the questions are clicked. any suggestions as to how to fix the problem. thanks, ray
  3. butterflyguy

    [Contribution] Thumbnail Category Browse

    Chemo- Great contrib. i installed it and it worked great from moment one.
  4. butterflyguy

    Contribution Issue

    Sincraft, could you please post exactly which version 3_2.4 is, i would like to try it out. Thanks
  5. butterflyguy

    Contribution Issue

    hey guys, i have installed (partially) the same contribution. i ran the sql and made all the canges to the files, but the instructions call to the only problem is it doesnt specify which folders are the respective ones. can you please shed light on this. thanks