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  1. on6qd

    osC_Categories MS2-2.2

    change following lines: FILE:includes\classes\categories.php LINE 72 FROM: $result .= $this->buildBranch($category_id, $level+1); TO: $result .= ",".$this->buildBranch($category_id, $level+1); LINE 93 FROM: " $categories,\n". TO: " $categories\n". This makes a world of difference... ;) I plan to upload the modified file to the contrib section regards Bart
  2. on6qd

    osC_Categories MS2-2.2

    if you have an emty categories box after installation try following: change line 32 in includes\classes\categories.php CHANGE: !$cache->is_cached('osC_Categories') TO: !$cache->is_cached('osC_Categories',$is_cached, $is_expired) regards Bart
  3. on6qd

    osC_Categories MS2-2.2

    posted a small bugfix to contributions page: When a user makes changes to his shopping basket, pressing 'continue shopping' will output some php code instead of the product page he was visiting. regards Bart