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  1. Helle, Did you try changing the product info image width and height in your admin panel? Image magic installs a new image size for the products page. Tom
  2. Norman, sorry for not replying to your pm's sooner, I have been quite busy. Obviously I do not want to spite all of the users of image magic, just because the osc developers decided to. However, I am reviewing in what licence to distribute image magic under from my own site. As I included no GPL'ed or otherwise code and never officially distributed it under GPL, this is something that requires some thought. Again, the precipitating reason for this is so that I can keep development and version control of my own code. As I've said, I am very busy and it will be after christmas before I finally decide. I would suggest either patience, the guaranteed install option or another thumbnailer in the meantime. Also, you could try asking hpdl why he removed it. He didn't even have the decency to answer me when I asked. But then again, I wasn't overly surprised as this seems the the devs general way of dealing with ANY emails. On a side-note, I have noticed that the install counter on my home page is still rising, so people must be getting it from somewhere :D Tom
  3. Yes Helle, it is. If you want to know the precise reasons, then this is the guy to ask hpdl
  4. Hey Chris, Don't sweat it, this wasn't you. It was the oscommerce "team", their arrogance and their dictatorial way of running this website. It is ok for them to control how their code is used and community run, but not for anyone else. Now, notwithstanding your apology, which I accept, I do want to make some points. Regards your modifications, I never once said that you introduced new bugs, or even refered to you. What I said was that the general actions of anyone uploading a new version without first checking with the person most experienced with the contribution and still actively working on it (In this case, the author) was no way for a project....any project to remain sustainable. What I have found in the past is that because i/m uses the filesystem on the remote server it is operating on, something which probobly 99.5% of all other contribs do not do, the default configuration does not work for absolutely everyone without a slight tweak here or there. For example, some setups have a trailing slash for the store's root directory in their configure.php whilst the majority don't. Now, I have also experienced in the past, that people will make this tweak, think that because it works for them it works for everyone and then upload a new 'fixed' version. Which of course causes a world of pain for most everyone else and fills up my pm box within a day. And what about over 3,000 stores it is working for? Is this not a slight "centre of universe" type mentality? Can you tell me, how I am supposed to keep any sort of version control, introduce any new features into, or support code which I am no longer intimate with, and which people have hacked and reversioned of their own accord? It is impossible. I consider myself to be a programmer, not a hacker. Anything I do, I like to be done right. I think that people who use my contribution have benefited from this attitude. Image magic wasn't going to be just another hack put out and to hell with it, it was going to be improved upon. There are many, many professional (as opposed to amateur oportunistic) e-shops, with a lot of investment in them using image magic, and every day people get in touch with positive feedback. That is a very selfish attitude and I do not agree. If an author spends as much time as I did writing a piece of software and keeping it current, their views as to the on-going management of the project should be taken into consideration. That my friend is the spirit of open source software. If it is your view that the thousands of existing users of image magic and the potential thousands more should be denied access to new versions and updates, just because I asked that my code not be hacked to pieces, then maybe you should reconsider. I don't see the oscommerce code base put up like the contributions are, for anyone to hack and reupload for general release. I think your views might be formed by the fact that your actions precipitated the removal of image magic, but they shouldn't and you should take another look at the issue from an unblinkered perspective. Remember, I gave away this software for nothing - nada. Hours, and hours of my time and experience. In summary: When I wanted to update it, like I did yesterday, am I meant to download your 1.17 (along with everyone alse's 1.165's etc etc, check what has changed, make the alterations to my own code. Test it on multiple setups, THEN integrate my own code and then upload a 1.18. Seriously, what do you think? What does everyone else think? Tom
  5. I will make image magic available for download from my website at www.celtware.com for the near future, until that is I decide what to do with it. It is not to be packaged and re-uploaded to this site.
  6. Norman, Yes, it would appear that they have removed it. :D I guess they didn't like the comments in my update. You know, I'm kind of happy that they have. But the fact that my contribution has a very large user base in the oscommerce community and is helping out thousands of oscommerce store owners obviously means nothing to them. From what I have seen in the past the whole oscommerce community thing is based upon bullyboy tactics. If you are ever bored, check into what they done with the guy who wrote the original paypal payment module. The only reason why oscommerce is popular is because it was one of the first php-based carts out. The code-base itself is a complete mess and it must be one of the least developed open source projects that has such a high user-base. I think the core team would rather fly off to the trade shows and conventions than work on the next version of oscommerce, or even tidy up the mess that is. There are a lot of other contribution developers very unhappy about the contribution system they have in place which allows anyone who feels like it to hack a contribution to pieces and post a new version. No version control, peer review nothing. It is a joke. Anyway, to anyone else who came here looking for image magic, it is no longer available because I dared ask that development and updates be kept as a team effort. It you are pissed off, the webmaster's email address is at the bottom of the page. Tom
  7. Yes, it can work quite well in combination with the mopics contribution to allow for multiple images per product. If my memory serves me correctly, there is one small change needed to mopics, to use the tep_image() function instead of writing the image tags directly. Anyway, I know the complete solution is in this forum somewhere. Tom
  8. No, just replace the imagemagic.php file - simple eh? And thanks for your support. Tom
  9. Before I forget, thanks to Andrew and his client who paid for the development, Image Magic will have nice new feature, which I for one really like. Before, where you had to set only a width or height, whilst leaving i/m to work the other and so keep proportionality, now you can set both. This will mean that you can always have your images at a uniform size, which should look alot less scraggy where lots of product/category images were displayed together on a single page. Image magic will still keep the correct image proportions by using a little bit of geometry and surrounding the image either to the sides or top and bottom (depending upon it's width to height ratio) with a colour of your choosing. I will be releasing the new version over the weekend when I get a chance to integrate it fully and update the readme. Tom
  10. Thanks for the praise gentlemen and glad I could help. Unfortunately as I have said before, although I wrote image magic with the primary goal of making it easy to install, there are certain tachnical requirements which vary widely across servers and, due to the low-level nature of this contribution are factors in making it work as designed. The two that immediately spring to mind are: File permissions - Image magic, unlike most contributions uses the server file system in order to maintain a cache of images it has built. This brings to bear all the implications of PHP safe mode settings and directory permissions. GD Library - this is where things can get really sticky. Some users will find no GD installed at all, or that the GD version is below what is required. Also certain associated features of GD such as freetype support which allows for the text watermaking may be disabled or gif support is not built in etc. In short, all of this is why I do the installations and fixes. Altough $60.00 does buy a few beers at the weekend, the main reason is to help users who wouldn't otherwise benefit from image magic due to a lack of technical skills. As you can see, the more committed my time is, the less I can come here to help. And even when I do, I find that I have to get into a back and forth dialogue, which I REALLY don't have time for. The easiest solution is for me to provide the service and just get on with fixing whatever is wrong for what many would consider a negligable fee for a programmer. Tom P.S Tell you what is really annoying: Massive reams of posted code, when a small snippet might suffice. And then to compound it, when people reply to that message including all of the original code. I think it really detracts from the readability of this thread and makes it very difficult to follow a sub-thread within it.
  11. Well that's the beauty of open source. You have the source code to change anything you don't like vmtent, can't think what the problem is. Are you sure you actually have the gd2.dll file on your system. Also, I have come across problems where there are multiple php.ini files floating around and the wrong one edited (it's a longshot) Tom
  12. tomjmul

    Several images to work with ImageMagic ?

    Patrick, IM does work very well with the mopics contribution. Only one small modification needed. I think both in tandem would accomplish all you need. Tom
  13. Just found a small bug which can result in stock osc button images or arrows etc showing up as broken images if they have been deleted. The change is to tep_image() in html_output.php Find: } elseif (IMAGE_REQUIRED == 'false') { return ''; } Change to: } elseif (IMAGE_REQUIRED == 'false') { return false; } Tom
  14. OK, done the install and image magic is now working fine. The javascript-based image amplifier can only work when the full-sized image has been served, which is of course incompatible with any thumbnailer.
  15. Yes, it's quite simple. Most of the latest versions are shipped with it, though it might be switched off. Go into your php.ini, find the extensions section and uncomment the gd line. Andrew, I've seen your problem. Go into your php.ini file and switch off warnings. Tom Wayey - We've hit the big 500 since May 18th B) Despite all the problems posted here, the contribution must be working out for some :lol: