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  1. c_karsan

    Google XML Sitemap w/ Admin support

    to all the people with Chemo SEO URLS Enabled if you look closely in sitemap.class.php chemo has left the original switch between search engine friendly urls and his own SEO URL contrib in the file... look at line 1108 & 1109 and flip the commented line out...simple as that change this //if ( defined('SEO_URLS') && SEO_URLS == 'true' || defined('SEO_ENABLED') && SEO_ENABLED == 'true' ) { if ( (SEARCH_ENGINE_FRIENDLY_URLS == 'true') ) { to this if ( defined('SEO_URLS') && SEO_URLS == 'true' || defined('SEO_ENABLED') && SEO_ENABLED == 'true' ) { //if ( (SEARCH_ENGINE_FRIENDLY_URLS == 'true') ) { good rankings to all osc'ers :thumbsup:
  2. c_karsan

    UK postcode based shipping module

    hi good contrib thanks, but if for example the item is being shipped to a non mainland zone for "noon" (using the contrib example) and this is not an option we need a way to turn the selection off if this is the case, at the moment it is simply giving a note and the price as £0.00 and but is allowing the order to be processed this is quite a drawback and people from these zones will be ordering for free "noon" delivery ! (believe me if people see something is free then there is no stopping them!) ill have a think about it maybe some logic in checkout_shipping.php may be a solution
  3. c_karsan

    CSS Menu

    Hello I noticed a problem i have installed into my test site and my live site but in the live site my menu disappears when you rollover a subcat and it goes below the about 3 or 4 menu items? whereas this does not happen in the test site. There is no fundamental difference in the sites so should work the same! I also noticed in the live site that if the mouse cursor is extremely close to the left edge of the subcat menu it seems to work fine! Im using IE6 - is it something to do with cache?
  4. c_karsan

    Master Products - MS2

    Hello has anyone noticed whether products that are master products and their slaves are being crawled and indexed by google and search engines properly? It seems ok in yahoo and msn. I have had some products and varients thereof not in the index although having been present for several months and despite google crawling every 7 days. Could it be a duplicate content issue? or do you think it is google having trouble with the slave table
  5. c_karsan

    Master Products - MS2

    Hi, Sorry about the delay in answering as I haven't been back onto forums for a while.... I basically ended up keeping the drop down box, as it shows the stock qty so forces me to keep this up to date! Everything works well and forcing it to default to "1" in the main product description (not on the slave listing box though) makes things work smoothely.
  6. c_karsan

    Master Products - MS2

    Sorry for the multiple postings but a clue is here: in product_info.php <?php if ($product_info['products_price']>0) { $qty_array = array(); for ($i=0; $n2 = (($product_info['products_quantity'] < 20) ? $product_info['products_quantity'] : 20), $i <= $n2; $i++) { $qty_array[] = array('id' => $i, 'text' => $i); } ?> if I change the $i=0 to $i=1, then the dropdown is forced to qty 1 and everything works how I want it to .....except that I dont want to see the qty dropdowns or the text in the product description. This would be how i would finally like it. I tried to change the field types to hidden and input and also tried commenting out, but it seems that if the '1' is not displayed it will not add to cart! Thanks in advance ;)
  7. c_karsan

    Master Products - MS2

    Thanks i redid my products_info file step-by-step and am now making someheadway. :thumbsup: if you take a look at my test site now, I need to force a quantity > 0 to each product (slave or normal product) that i need to buy, but the shopper would just want to click the add to cart button (i have stock tracking set to true). Is there some way to remove this extra input required by the shopper? i.e default the product if in stock to be qty 1.
  8. c_karsan

    Master Products - MS2

    i did the available mods and fixes to application.php but they didn't work for me! this thread is so long I may have missed something somewhere but I found no other solutions so far.... thanks in advance for any assistance
  9. c_karsan

    Master Products - MS2

    Great contribution, i have installed version 1.1.5 but i am having a bizarre problem with the shopping cart, i can only add either a slave to the cart or if i change my product_info.php (.tpl.php in my case template) from 'action=add_slave' to 'action=add_product' only the rest of the products (but not the slaves are able to be added). i think its something to do with the buy now /add to cart button or process works. have a look here for sim backup sim backup is the master, sim card backup and sim card backup red are the slaves, - with the action=add_product set you can't buy the slaves (ignore the no images - i think there is a problem with permissions) i really could do with this contrib to help stock control - its perfect (if i can get it to work!)
  10. hi, my command is this: php /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/gadgetsquick.co.uk/httpdocs/googlesitemap/index.php should I change the command to: php http://www.gadgetsquick.co.uk/googlesitemap/index.php Thanks in advance
  11. Hi - great contribution - superb instructions and everything seemed to work first time. The only problem I had was a crontab email saying:- php: not found (referring to the /googlesitemap/index.php i just copied and pasted the path as per the instruction and would like to know if I should change the url to the one I would use to type in the browser address bar. Does this email message mean the sitemap was not run but got submitted? Im pretty sure the sitemaps got submitted to google though.
  12. c_karsan

    Worldpay support III

    Are there any known technical integration issues within the worldpay module i.e. with callback? Or is it purely an administrative inconvenience with just the setting to change in the admin panel (once pre-auth is setup with worldpay)?
  13. c_karsan

    Worldpay support III

    Hello has any one had any problem switching to pre-auth transactions for worldpay and what, if any, are the potential pitfalls of doing so?
  14. c_karsan

    Problem with NewsBox !!

    Cheers tom but I didnt have that code in my mainnews.php here is a copy of my file: <html> <body> <div id="datacontainer" style="position:absolute;left:0;top:10;width:100%" onMouseover="scrollspeed=-1" onMouseout="scrollspeed=cache"> <!-- ADD YOUR SCROLLER COMMENT INSIDE HERE---------------------> <br><br><br><br><br><br><br> <font face="arial" size="2"> <p align="center"><b> Gadgets<i>Quick</i></b></p></font><br><br><br><br> <font face="arial" size="2"><p><b><li>Free & fast UK delivery all items </b></p></font><p> <font face="arial" size="2"> Think GadgetsQuick when buying your next gadget, gizmo or gift Online. <li>Great Service and fast delivery, <li> Continually growing product range <li> Offers & Bargains galore. </p><p> Theres no need to sign up to anything to purchase from us! </p><p><b>Please note: We send items only <u>within the UK</u></b> </font></p> <font face="arial" size="2"><p><b>You can also browse our catalogue off-line and/or print it off! - click on downloadable catalogue (right column) <br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br></p> <!-- END SCROLLER CONTENT----------------------------------------> </div> <script language="JavaScript1.2"> //Specify speed of scroll. Larger=faster (ie: 5) window.onload=initialize var scrollspeed=cache=1 function initialize() { marqueeheight=document.all? parent.document.all.datamain.height : parent.document.getElementById("datamain").getAttribute("height") dataobj=document.all? document.all.datacontainer : document.getElementById("datacontainer") dataobj.style.top=5 thelength=dataobj.offsetHeight scrolltest() } function scrolltest(){ dataobj.style.top=parseInt(dataobj.style.top)-scrollspeed if (parseInt(dataobj.style.top)<thelength*(-1)) dataobj.style.top=5 setTimeout("scrolltest()",50) } </script> </body> </html> I've got around the spontaneous jerking on loading by putting a lot of breaks in before the 1st line of text (so it looks like there is no news!) so if it jerking then its happening out of view! - then on any screen refresh the jerking would stop and news would scroll. What can I say, its an eyecatching feature of my site and it is easily editable (i got it to work in my admin section too). Cheers Chet
  15. c_karsan


    Hello, Im interested in this topic but all I want to do is to e-mail my wholesaler the packing slip through the admin (i.e. maybe use a button) as not all my products are from one source and some I have in stock. As all necessary info is on the packing slip (not to send order slip) I know this is probably fairly simple task for someone but how do you do it?