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  1. wolfalex

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Hello, I have just installed Version 2.3 beta and I have a little problem. When I want to add an option to a product I get redirected to the product_preview page and the option is not added to the attributes. If the product allread has attributes and I want to add another value it is no problem. Am I doing something wrong or is it not installed corecctly? Alex
  2. wolfalex

    [Contribution] Admin Notes

    Hi xavkick I have tried it the way you described and it is the same on my shop. Don't know why it doesn't show up, I will try to firgure it out. Alex
  3. wolfalex

    [Contribution] Admin Notes

    hi same problem, doesn't show any notes for a customer. It only shows NOTES. Alex
  4. wolfalex

    Orderlist contrib

    Hi, I have just installed orderlist 4.0 and I have the same problem as cg-tbear. I can't see the manufacturer. Has anybody solved the problem yet? Alex
  5. Hi, I have just installes the latest update. When I try to click on the manufacturer I don't get the manufacturer id in the link. Does anybody else have the same problem and how can i fix it? Alex Wolf
  6. Hi, I have the same problem with this module like photo21 has. The payment modules just won't show up anymore. Doesn't anybody have a clue how I can fix it? Alex
  7. wolfalex

    [Contribution] Admin Notes

    Hi, I would like to see the Customer Notes on the order page, like it is done in the customer.php file. But I don't know how to do that. I have inserted this code in orders.php: $contents[] = array('text' => '<hr width="100%" size="1" color="#000000" noshade>'); $contents[] = array('text' => '<strong>Customer Notes:</strong><br><br>' . $cInfo->customers_notes); Now it shows me the line "CUSTOMER NOTES" on the right table on the orders page, but without the entrys from the customers. I don't how to get the information from the customers out of the SQL Table. Can somebody please help me? Alex Wolf
  8. wolfalex

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Hi, I have a little problem with WOE how everything is listed. Sometimes everthing is just fine, but a few minutes later it doesn't show the shoping cart anymore and the bottom lines like refferer url and everything that is written below that line doesn't show up. Another problem is, that I can't click on an Ip adress or an link, that somebody is visiting. Than Who is Online is starting to refresh every second. That happens all the time. I can only see the shopping cart from a visitor, when he is listed in first row. If somebody else is listed above the shopping cart doesn't show up anymore. Can somebody please help me. Alexander Wolf
  9. I have the following error, when I am trying to run the index.php: Generated Google Product Sitemap Successfully Generated Google Category Sitemap Successfully Fatal error: Call to undefined function: glob() in .../htdocs/shop/catalog/googlesitemap/sitemap.class.php on line 372 Can somebody please help me? Alexander Wolf
  10. wolfalex

    EasyPopulate and Master Products

    That is what I allready did. I created a product in the store and downloaded the file with easy populate. But my problem is, where do I get the products_Id from when I create a product in my excel file? Alexander Wolf
  11. Hi, I have Master Products and Easy Populate installed in my shop. But now I am confused. I changed the easypopulate.php to easypopulate4masterproducts. When I create the file, I get three more collums in my text file (v_products_master | v_products_master_status | v_products_listing_status) That seems to be okay. But my question now is, how can I create new products in my easypopulate file, using excel. To assign a slave product to a master product, I need to know the products_id from the Master Product. But where do I get the ID from? Do I really have to look in the mysql database? Or can Easypopulate create such a collum? If somebody could please tell me, how I can create new master and slave products using Easy Populate I would be very happy. Alexander Wolf