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  1. Thanks Mibble. I also have another issue. I've had a problem after I install easypopulate, I download a tab file to edit and its fine. If i do it again, the file has all the t's and r's removed and so has no tabs. It uploads fine, so I've been working off the good file i first download. If I reinstall the easypopulate files, everything works fine. Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks
  2. Easy Populate is great. I just need to know how to link to a product image on one of my supplier's website. I want to be able to upload a link to the image in my tab delimited text file. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. asharp17

    Problem with ep file missing letters

    Is there anybody out there? Is there anybody home?
  4. I have done a complete new intall, and I download the tab delimited ep file with the sample products and everything is fine. After I remove the products from the database, and add a few products manually, I then download the new ep file and it is all messed up. No tabs, r's t's or n's. If i try to upload an ep file, I get now errors, but there are no new products listed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. asharp17

    Weird ep output

    When I download a complete ep file, the txt file removes the r's, t's and n's from it. There are no tabs between fields either. Any help please?
  6. asharp17

    Easypopulate errors

    Hey guys i bet you are sick of answering these errors, but I have searched the forums and am about to pull my hair out. I have oscommerce installed in /shopping directory. I downloaded easypopulate.php and easypopulate_functions.php to the directory /shopping/admin. when i open mysite.com/shopping/admin/easypopulate.php everything is fine. I am getting the same error messages as others are like the following: Warning: move_uploaded_file(/home/asharp17/public_html/shopping//temp/EP_Book1.txt): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/asharp17/public_html/shopping/admin/easypopulate_functions.php on line 32 Warning: move_uploaded_file(): Unable to move '/tmp/phpvSWySj' to '/home/asharp17/public_html/shopping//temp/EP_Book1.txt' in /home/asharp17/public_html/shopping/admin/easypopulate_functions.php on line 32 File uploaded. Temporary filename: /tmp/phpvSWySj User filename: EP_Book1.txt Size: 827 Warning: file(/home/asharp17/public_html/shopping//temp/EP_Book1.txt): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/asharp17/public_html/shopping/admin/easypopulate.php on line 657 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/asharp17/public_html/shopping/admin/easypopulate.php on line 680 I have created the following directories /shopping/admin/catalog/temp I have changed the permissions to 777 for this new temp directory, and I have messed around with the configuration settings for $tempdir but still get the same errors. Please help.