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  1. Mateus

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    is there a specific place in the SQl statement for this? ALTER TABLE whos_online ADD http_referer VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL; Goes in the end, after Table structure for table `whos_online` or Dumping data for table `whos_online`? Sorry for the questions but i really don't understand this and i belive this is a powerfull tool. thiis is what the error looks like now.
  2. Mateus

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Having this problem. Can you help me? Thanks
  3. Mateus

    this is not a cool error...

    I am sorry, but how can i do that. Can you explain step by step? thanks
  4. Something is wrong with the admin/whos_online.php file... I am using Who'sOnlineEnhancement1.6.1Beta Can you help? Thanks
  5. Mateus

    Does this contribution exists?

    Thank you. I tried it and i don't like it. i prefer the one from Maik Caro Terms And Conditions Agreement Has a checkbox (more simple) BUT i have this problem. Can you help me? Thank you
  6. Trying to add who's online Who's Online Enhancement But i have this problem What is wrong? thanks
  7. Hello, i would like to create a simple disclaimer with a checkbox in the last page of order (checkout_confirmation.php) saying that the client accepts the "terms and conditions" and that he is over 18 years old. If he doesn't check the box he can not complete the order. We have the terms and conditions page visible on the store but we still want to make sure that the clients reads it. Can you guys help me on this one?! Thank you. Mateus