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  1. Hi Andreas, I still have the same problem you have reported with the error about having to enter the gender after the fb login. What exactly have you done to fix that, please? And also, can you please tell me what setting was wrong? I really wish to use this contrib... Regards brok
  2. Hi, thanks for answering. I had filled in: URL http://www.mydomain.com Site Domain mydomain.com This is correct, isn't it?
  3. What's with the xd_receiver.htm ? Do I have to enter the URL anywhere in the Facebook application settings? I am not getting forwarded to the create_account.php and logged in or not on facebook - it does not change anything on my site.
  4. Hi there, I have followed the latest instructions and logging in and out works both on the login.php and the create_account.php but the problem is: The facebook data import does not work at all. Also, the redirect from the login.php to the create_account.php after having logged into facebook does not work at all. Do you have any ideas why? The error message in IE 8 says: Details zum Fehler auf der Webseite Meldung: '_onLoad' ist Null oder kein Objekt Zeile: 13 Zeichen: 776 Code: 0 URI: http://static.ak.connect.facebook.com/js/api_lib/v0.4/FeatureLoader.js.php/de_DE Meldung: '_onLoad' ist Null oder kein Objekt Zeile: 13 Zeichen: 776 Code: 0 URI: http://static.ak.connect.facebook.com/js/api_lib/v0.4/FeatureLoader.js.php/de_DE Thanks for your help.
  5. Hi, thanks for your upgrades. I have upgraded from 2.1 to your version by uploading the seo.class.php. Everything works fine except for one thing (maybe this is a configuration thing): When clicking on subcategories, only the main category appears in the link. But I only want the subcategory to appear, so instead of this: maincategory-c-1_1.html I like to have this: subcategory-c-1_1.html Is there a way to do that? Another thing: You have added a multilanguage support, right? So far (with version 2.1), it worked, but the non-default language sites did not appear in the google index at all although they had different titles, meta tags, urls and descriptions. Are the google robots unable to crawl the non-default language sites? Is there a way to fix that? Thanks!
  6. compuskill

    AJAX Search Suggest - various bugs

    Same here, very buggy contrib. I have faced the following problems: a) The ajax form interferes with the other forms. For example: When I want to add a product to the shopping cart, I get to the advanced search form telling me that I have not entered a search term B) Each time you search for product with the ajax mod and add it to the shopping cart, stuff you have added before gets lost.
  7. compuskill

    Ultimate SEO URLs v3.0 Features

    Hi, I use SEO Urls and it works fine. The only problem I have now is: When I include a regular 301 redirect in my htaccess file, there is always the products_is parameter at the end. How can I remove it? Example: redirect 301 /site1.html http://www.mysite.com/site2.php results in a link that looks like this: http://www.mysite.com/site2.php?products_id=xxx Of course, that link does not work. How can I fix it? Thx
  8. compuskill

    CONTRIBUTION Product Quick Edit

    Hi, I have found a contrib that lets you update the special prices directly in the product update function of the categories.php, so I have found a solution and I do not need the regular dropdown menu anymore. Thx anyway.
  9. compuskill

    CONTRIBUTION Product Quick Edit

    Hi, is there a way to make this contrib work with "special prices" ? I have more than 20,000 products and do not want to scroll down to the special price I want to edit, so this contrib would be perfect for that... B. regards, Brok
  10. compuskill

    Product Description 1.3

    Thanks for the nice contribution. Is there a way to get the short description into the "featured products" module on the index.php? NEMROD34 has done that for the isolated featured_products.php, but not for the featured module you can replace the "new products" with. If anyone has figured that out already, please let me know. B. regards, compuskill
  11. Hi there, I have installed More pics 6 v1.3k and I like it a lot. But I have one problem: I cannot remove images. Each time I try in the admin section, the image does not get removed from the database. Is that a problem in the unlink function in the general.php? Does anyone else have these kinds of problems? Thank you and b. regards, CompuSkill
  12. compuskill

    Manual Order Maker

    Hey, I have two issues: 1) Customers that have been added manually cannot be found when searching for customers' names in the Admin => Customers section 2) A standard value for creating customers seems to be gender=female. That way, when importing customers' data and orders with my warehouse software, it always says "Mrs" on the invoices. Is there a way to fix that? B. regards
  13. compuskill

    Customers extra fields

    Hi there, I was wondering if it was possible to get the extra fields data into the order confirmation email. That would be really useful. Should be done in the checkout_process.php. I have already inserted phone number and email, but I am having problems with the fax no and the extra fields. Any help will be appreciated. B. regards, compuskill
  14. Hi, I have successfully installed Ultimate SEO Urls. Great contrib, btw. The URL rewriting works fine. But now, I have the old links still indexed in google, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me the code to permanently redirect the old (invalid) URLs to the new ones. An example: The product's name is "Article 300 cm" Old URL indexed: product_info.php/pName/article-300-cm new URL non-indexed: article-300-cm-p-118.html What do I have to add into the Ulitmate SEO URLs .htaccess to have the links updated? Thanks in advance for helping.