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    Header Tags SEO

    Hi, I just saw the new Header Tags SEO Contrib. I wanted to install SEO optimation for long time a ago, but I never had the time. :( So now my question: I'm currently using the old version "Header Tags Controller v2.5.6 Complete". I saw in the update folder that there is only a update description from version 2.6.3. So do I have to install all the other old versions of Header Tags Controller? And then I have to install all the new versions of Header Tags SEO in a row? Thanks for your answers. Bye Muecke
  2. Muecke

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    hi, I do not know if this contrib is the right for my wish/problem: I want to have one database with all my products and brands. Now I want to have a second store which only has one favorite brand but the categories are all the same. Can I do this with this contrib? I also want, that the customers can login one shop and after that they are already logged in the second store. so they do not type in there data again. is that possible too? thanks and regards Muecke
  3. Muecke

    ebay auction lister

    Has anybody a link to screenshots where I can have a view on the administration screens and what I can configure with it?? On the webpage are only the installation screenshots! ;) Thanks Muecke
  4. Muecke

    Recover Cart Sales

    I still have the above problem, but the table is still there in the database! Anybody an idea to fix it?? Thanks.
  5. Muecke

    Recover Cart Sales

    Hi guys, I have the above Problem, when I want to open the recover_cart_sale.php! Can anybody help me, why this doesn't work? Thanks a lot! Muecke
  6. Muecke

    Recover Cart Sales

    I'm using the Version 2.0 of the Recover Cart Tool. Has anyone fixed the problem with the language problem`? I often get answer from customers, who did not speak German, so I have to send the email again, but before this I have to switch the default Admin-Language to English. That's not pretty fine. So is there a fix??? It would be nice, if it would send automaticly both textes in German and English or that I choose the language before sending!!!
  7. Muecke

    Recover Cart Sales

    I've just installed the new versionof RCS! It's gerat but I have some problems: I can't change the following parameters because they are not shown: Why doesn't this work? Why can I not see these settings? Another Problem which I have is this: There is a big black line where information about the customer, email and the article is, but you can't read this. Where can I change this color??? Please help!
  8. I've found this great modul to configure the shipping options and I was so happy to find the modul, but after installation I've got a problem! When a customer clicks on flat or on Zone Rates at choosing the shipping method and then click next I get the following error: So I read the installation instructions but I find nothing which could help me. So I have nothing change in this file. Please help me to find the problem!!! Thanks. Muecke