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  1. Don't I need to get into my Admin tool to do that? I've started getting the "already installed" files from the website mentioned earlier, and just overwriting mine with those, since I figure, how much worse can it get. It seems it's helping, as I can get back into my Admin now. I'll have to see what damage I may have done with this method, though. While I'm here, the smaller problem I'm having is I've got 11 "n" characters going down my main page now. I had modded the main page to have the categories show up on it, so I think that may be part of it... -Xq
  2. ok, so this contribution is completely wrecking my site. The first step went in no problem. The second step was a little weird, because the code wasn't exactly like I'd expected it to be, but I worked around it. The third is nonsense. The code in the examples is nothing like what it is in my install, and if I'd known ahead of time the just pages of changes I'd have to make, I never would have bothered with the contrib in the first place. But now I don't know how to finish the install, and my Admin tool won't load anymore. I'm getting I removed the login name from the errors. I'd like to get the contribution working, but I'd like more to get my admin tool back. I still have FTP access to the site, I just don't even know where to begin on fixing this. -Xq
  3. I turned on true color, and it seemed to fix the color issue. I don't know what I'm going to do if I need to use transparencies in the future, though.
  4. I've actually come back looking for an answer to that same problem. A few of my thumbs (seems to occur more in the double sized ones) are using awful looking colors. Usually washed with yellow or red across the entire image. How do I stop this?
  5. xavierq

    Merchant Accounts and such

    My concern is that most of our customers aren't very computer savvy, and I'm afraid that they won't be able to deal with PayPal, and will simply shop with a competitor instead.
  6. xavierq

    Merchant Accounts and such

    ok, apparently everyone on this site is an experienced expert except me. I search for "Internet Merchant Account" and I find people looking for advanced solutions for the UK... I know absolutely nothing about online sales. And I'm trying to set up a store. I want to use authorize.net because it seems to be the best. The store I'm setting up is going to be very low volume, at least initially, and I can't afford to pay an obscene amount monthly. It seems that each time I take a next step on this site, I add another cost. If it gets any more expensive, it will cease to be beneficial to run a website. I don't know who to get a Merchant Account through. I hear it's cheaper if I get it with Authorize.net at the same time.
  7. Hey. I was reading this thread from the beginning, hoping my problem was addressed and solved ahead of time, and found out it was addressed, but not solved. But I think I inadvertantly figured it out, so I'm going to share, in case no one else came up with it (I stopped about half way though, when the topic moved away from it) The problem was that images weren't resizing propotionally. But only some of them. Others seemed to work fine (and the ones that worked had the correct file names, the ones that didn't had their original names). I thought it was because the product line that worked were long pictures, and the ones that didn't were tall. Now I think it's because my partner entered the other product line. He uses AOL. He seems to have saved all the images he's using in AOL's .ART format, which explorer will display, but I don't believe your contrib will do anything with but pass through. Which would explain the problem. I'm going to get the images in jpg or gif format, and see if that fixes it, but I though it might help anyone who can't figure out the problem, and definitely give some insight to the programmers.
  8. xavierq

    NEWBIE: Authorize.net Set-Up Help Please!

    While Im at it, I don't know how to set up an internet merchant account, or who to choose to do that with. I don't know what it's going to cost, but it seems that every time I turn around, I'm increasing the monthly cost of keeping the site open. I don't know how to get an SSL. In general, I haven't any idea what I'm doing. Surely someplace there is a step by step guide on how to set every little setting, and exactly who to use and what to choose?
  9. xavierq

    NEWBIE: Authorize.net Set-Up Help Please!

    I'm in the same boat as the first guy on this thread. I see the link on the modules, and it seems like everything is super easy. Then I read the forums here, and people are saying that the built in is out of date, and you need to install the one you linked, and them I go there and there's updates, and updates to the updates, and issues with curl, and I don't even know what that is. I thought it would be as simple as clicking the install thing, and then I see that maybe I would need to go to install.net and sign up or something. After an hour of reading, all I've gained is a headache. I don't know how to check what version of curl, version of authorize.net, or hell, even what version of osCommerce I'm using. I just barely have a concept of what I'm doing here. The more I read the forums, the more it seems that following the built in stuff would be a huge mistake, not just on this, but on everything. But if I deviate from it, it's nothing but confusion. -Xq