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  1. Legend107


    $list was commented out in order to hide all other category drop down menus. $all_list displayed the drop down menu of all collective categories "All Categories". Why it did not appear on your end I do not understand but glad it worked out for u :) I dont know your current working environment but if it helps I've tested this and it works fine on the stock OSC MS2.2. Server Info is as follows. OS-Linux, PHP-4.3.2, Apache-2.0.46, MySQL-3.23.58, Internet Explorer-6.0SP2 for browsing the Admin. Thanks for the fix! if($all_list){ echo $all_list; }else{ echo $list; } Hope everyone enjoys this contrib
  2. Legend107


    Hi, I have just sent you a PM. from what i understand, you have setup your categories to have up to 2-3 subcategories? Cat1 ---Subcat1 ------Product1a ------Product1b ---Subcat2 ------Product2a ------Product2b ---Subcat3 ------Product3a ------Product3b ------Product3c now when you use the dropdown menu to pull the products within the subcategories, everything is just blank? is my understanding of the problem correct? which version quick price/stock update are you using? what other contributions related to categories/products are in use? do you get any error msgs.. when does the page turn up blank. when it is blank, if you check the source... where does the code stop, before/after <!-- body_text //-->? on my development site, i setup the categories as described in the example above. fortunatly on my end it works. i hope we can resolve this problem your having this is a great contribution. :)
  3. Legend107


    first just wanted to say thanks to the author and those who have worked on this contribution. its definately a great tool for any ebusiness. i came across the need for a tool like this after utilizing the margin report contribution. i needed a way for management to update price (cost) of all products and update other values such as retail, stock, and price (net).. and this contribution was perfect for the job. i stripped down my build on this contribution and uploaded it for everyone elses enjoyment. *not included w/ v1.1.3* i did have problems trying to add the ability to change the model # of the product using the method of code for this contribution. :blink: . if the model was changed to all numeric, it would work no problem, but if any alpha characters were used i would get this code. 1054 - Unknown column 'XXX' in 'field list' [TEP STOP] what's strange is that XXX is the $value that should be inserted to products_model. if anyone has a solution that would be great.
  4. Legend107

    EZier New Fields

    Hello, I would first like to say thank you very much to the author of this contribution. Its a great contribution and well worth the donation. I'v installed it yesterday and today incorperated it with the contribution "Master Products". Requires minimal modification but if following the 'EZier New Fields' manual.. steps 8-11 are pretty much plug-in play. Instead of modifying 'index.php' found on step 8, apply it to 'master_products.php' careful for some coding as on 'master' instead of "PRODUCT_LIST_PRICE" would be "MASTER_LIST_PRICE" etc.. not too difficult tho Steps 9 would be "master_listing.php" instead of "product_listing.php" If you wanted to organize your slave listing columns, after running the SQL command change Retail&Savings to your "Slave Product" Group ID Hopes this helps out
  5. VJ, great work w/ ep and added features attributes... thank you it works great!... just wondering if anyone was successfull in using css inline or internal (external not an option) for their description.. i had to revert back to old html w/o the " " and had to turn on (escape character conversion) .. if i hadnt, problems uploading to the db would result in nothing happening at all or sumn displayed w/ showing [TEP STOP] etc...... but all in all.. this contribution is top notch
  6. Legend107

    Easy Populate date fix

    thank you, this fix works great..