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  1. bdneuman

    Visual Verify Code (VVC)

    Actually, I gave up. Because of the way this contrib uses a visitors session and database entries, it will fail if the page is accessed directly and not from a link whitin the site. Spammers record the location of the pages where they can send thier junk directly so I was still getting hit hard. I went over to the Human Confirmation v1.0 and it works great. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1476
  2. bdneuman

    Visual Verify Code (VVC)

    I figured this out for myself. This contrib uses osC session id's to store the codes in the database. The problem is, bots don't accept cookies and they will not get a session id if they access the guestbook_sign.php or contact_us.php directly. I'm just not sure how to modify the code to accomodate for this...
  3. bdneuman

    Visual Verify Code (VVC)

    I installed this VVC contrib and modified it to work with the Guestbook for osC v1.0 contribution. I tested it and it appears to be working perfectly - I can't process the guestbook_sign.php unless I enter the code. However, I am still getting spammed on the guestbook. Are some robots out there capable of reading the VVC and entering it? Here is my page if anyone would test it for themselves or could give me some direction... http://www.honeybeadjewelry.com/guestbook_sign.php Thanks!
  4. Chris, I do not have the "Output W3C valid..." in my configurations. These are the only options I have under SEO URLS: Enable SEO URLs? true Add cPath to product URLs? false Add category parent to begining of URLs? true Filter Short Words 3 Enable SEO cache to save queries? true Enable product cache? true Enable categories cache? true Enable manufacturers cache? true Enable articles cache? true Enable topics cache? true Enable information cache? false Enable automatic redirects? true Choose URL Rewrite Type Rewrite Enter special character conversions Remove all non-alphanumeric characters? false Reset SEO URLs Cache false Was that option eliminated with an update (I'm using v2.1d) or is there a variable that is not being pulled into my configuration for some reason?
  5. I believe the transform_url function and the url_rewrite.php class are specific to the SEF URL's contribution which is very different from Ultimate SEO URL's...
  6. bdneuman

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I need the fix to this as well. I believe the area within edit_orders.php is here: // Total $Query = "select sum(value) as total_value from " . TABLE_ORDERS_TOTAL . " where class != 'ot_total' and orders_id=$oID"; $result = tep_db_query($Query); $row = tep_db_fetch_array($result); $Total = $row["total_value"]; $Query = "update " . TABLE_ORDERS_TOTAL . " set text = '<b>\$" . number_format($Total, 2, '.', ',') . "</b>', value = '" . $Total . "' where class='ot_total' and orders_id=$oID"; tep_db_query($Query); It appears to be taking all values except 'ot_total' from the orders_total table and simply adds them all together for the new ot_total. This means our coupon values in ot_coupon are now being ADDED to the total when it updates the database. I'm just not sure how to fix this. Maybe an 'if' to check if ot_coupon is present and then revise the $Query somehow to add all but subtract the coupon? Of course, you can insert a minus ('-') in front of the discount when your updating an order, but this should be automatic and consistent with the way the rest of the CCGV works (ie, you cannot use a negative value when entering coupon amounts). Anyone found a solution for this?
  7. bdneuman

    Multiple Session Id's

    I figured this out for my site, anyway. My "Home" link in the breadcrumb was composed without using a tep_href_link...this is what passes the session id. You might check your breadcrumb or any other links you have added (like in the mainpage.php) to make sure you used the correct form...
  8. Nevermind - I figured this out on my own. I was not using a tep_href_link on the "Top" link in the breadcrumb...
  9. I found this post while looking for the solution and wanted to see if you guys had an idea on whether this is truly a result of the Ulitmate SEO URL's contrib or not...
  10. bdneuman

    Multiple Session Id's

    I just noticed that this is happening on my site as well. It showed up on the "Who's Online" contribution by listing the same IP several times - each is a different session ID. I assume this is happening when a customer uses the back button but not sure why. I'm going to post this question on the Ultimate SEO URL's thread and see if they have a solution...
  11. bdneuman

    Ordering Attributes

    Take a look at your code: order by order by popt.products_options_id"); See the extra "order by"? Delete it...
  12. bdneuman

    Ordering Attributes

    You can order them by ID which would be the order in which you enter(ed) the options - you just have to plan this out as it is difficult to insert an option later... Look for this code in product_info.php: //clr 030714 update query to pull option_type $products_options_name_query = tep_db_query("select distinct popt.products_options_id, popt.products_options_name, popt.products_options_type, popt.products_options_length, popt.products_options_comment from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_OPTIONS . " popt, " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES . " patrib where patrib.products_id='" . (int)$HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id'] . "' and patrib.options_id = popt.products_options_id and popt.language_id = '" . (int)$languages_id . "' order by popt.products_options_name"); Change the last part to: order by popt.products_options_id");
  13. bdneuman

    Coupon on new customer signup

    Look in Admin > Configuration > Welcome Discount Coupon Code and set this to 0. That is where mine is located...
  14. It looks like something else is going on here - I can't even get your products into a cart w/ cookies disabled. My problem always happened once the product was in the cart (at shopping_cart.php). I'll let the pro's weigh in on this for you, but your probably going to have to give some more details on your specific code...
  15. That did it! Along with the if statement in seo_redirect, the link from the cart now works and keeps the attributes. Are you aware of any contrib's (i've looked) that add the ability to "Update" the attributes of an item already in the cart without having to use the "Add to Cart" button and delete the old item? Not a big deal, I suppose, it just seems like a nice feature... Thanks again for the great contrib and all of the support!