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  1. Hello, I am using the paypal ipn. When someone checkout, he will be redirected to paypal website, however, at the paypal login page, an alert pops up saying "The name on the security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the site." and the details are: Issued to: secure.webz11.com Issued by: Equifax Secure Global eBusiness CA-1 Is it security certificate something to do with PayPal? But it seems unlikely that a big company will have an invalid security certificate. I'm afraid that this warning message will stop my customer from paying. How can I fix it? Or is this security certificate something to do with my website? For your information, I have not yet install SSL for my checkout pages.
  2. At my allprods.php page, the product images cannot be displayed! However, at Admin>Configuration>Images>All Products Width/Height, if I leave it blank, then I can see the product images in their original size. If I try to put a value for width and height (because I want to display them as a smaller version), then I couldn't see any images! Anyone has this problem? I'm not sure whether is it because of the other contribtions which I have installed prior to this (for example, OnTheFly_GDThumbs_1_5 which reduce the size of my thumbails images in other pages). This All Products Contribution seems a good idea for SEO, but it doesn't seem to be popular in osC forum. Seldom mentioned and mostly negative feedback. I also noticed that it automatically disabled itself whenever I make some changes to other thing in Admin. :(
  3. springroll

    Page Cache V1.5

    I have exactly the same situation as described above! Clicking on any categories will always bring me to the index page. However, if I logon as a registered customer, everything is normal. Any advise? I would like to solve this issue before moving on to install the ultimate SEO contribution.
  4. springroll

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Help! After installing the PalPal IPN, do we still need to login to paypal to manually turn on the IPN? In PayPal, when I go to Instant Payment Notification Preferences, I saw that IPN is "off" and there is no IPN URL. Should I set it to "on"? And it says "enter the URL at which you will receive the payment notifications below. This URL should be a URL which you own and at which you receive HTML posts". So which specific page receives HTML posts? I don't think it's the root directory of my site, right?
  5. springroll

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Well, my webencrypt portion is always disabled too and I always get the IPN everyday for the past week. Some of you guys might want to try disabling it see if it makes a difference. I do get the email notification, I do get the money and I can go to my site from the "Continue" button. My outstanding issues is PayPal IPN are: 1. I always get "PayPal IPN Invalid [Completed]". Why? How to get "PayPal IPN Verified [Completed]" instead? Are the anything we need to set at the palpal_ipn.php file? 2. I always get 1 instance of "Preparing [Paypal IPN]" and 3 instances on "PayPal IPN Invalid [Completed]". They appear randomly in my history at few minutes apart.
  6. springroll

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Kristina's snippet (above) works and is very good for non-PayPal members who want to use PayPal for payment. Make things a lot easier for them. However, for non-PayPal members, at the last PayPal page where they are supposed to press "Pay", right below the section of Shopping Cart Contents, there is this sentence saying Shipping Address: No Shipping Address and a button for you to "Make Changes". I clicked the button and checked that the prepopulated address is correct, save it to go back to the last payment page. But it is still showing Shipping Address: No Shipping Address! My clients tried this "Making Changes" button for the shipping address a few times. No change was made and he decided to quit the purchase because he thought that his shipping address was not accepted! I read in this thread (several pages ago) that some of you have this problem of no shipping address for non paypal members at the last payment page. Anybody found a solution for this?
  7. springroll

    "Paypal IPN Invalid [Completed]"

    Mike, it has been 9 days ... have you solved the problem? I have exactly the same problem of Paypal IPN Invalid [Completed]. If you have a solution already, please help me. How should I get "Paypal IPN Verified" which what most people are getting? I set "Enable Encrypted Web Payments" to "False" and I don't use Private Key or Public Certificate. Could this be the reason?
  8. springroll

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Seems that the most recent paypal problems is the duplicated messages of "PayPal IPN Verified [Completed]". Mine is worse, my duplicated messages are "PayPal IPN Invalid [Completed]" and status is "Pending". What is mean by Invalid and yet it is Completed? In confuses me and my customers (at the order history screen). On this thread, I read that post #156 (rezdwan), #158 (Jon). #161 (mike) have similar problems as me but no news from them after their complains and so I wonder whether they have solved their problem. Rik, thx for informing us that Paypal is looking into the issue.