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  1. brianherbert

    Authorize.net: suddenly can't connect

    I actually operate my own webserver. I have tested cURL in other php scripts and it is loading fine. I'm getting the "The server cannot connect to Authorize.net. Please check your cURL and server settings." error message. I have also set up another oscommerce store in another directory of the sime site using identical authorize.net settings.
  2. brianherbert

    Authorize.net: suddenly can't connect

    I hate to make posts like these but I'm having this same issue... Anyone?
  3. brianherbert

    Is USPS on the fritz?

    I'm having the issue that the first post is refering to. I signed up for an account for the USPS Web Tools. I'm assuming this is the right account that I need. I can't seem to figure out if I need to do anything on the USPS end or not. I have all of the information in the OSC module entered correctly (I'm assuming, I do... I have production selected for the server to use). I e-mailed USPS to see if we are on the production server and I'm waiting on a reply. I also downloaded the latest usps.php from the CVS. I'm not really sure where to take this issue from here.