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  1. I have installed this contrib over the last few days and it is exactly what I have been looking for. I have had a few minor issues but have resolved most of them by reading through this thread. One of the things I am still trying to resolve though is the login link in the header sends people to create account page but with no login box at the top so existing users can not log in. If they go through by selecting an item and then hitting checkout it redirects them to the create account page and this time it includes the correct existing user login box. If anyone has had this same thing then I would be grateful for any suggestions.
  2. Many Thanks I will try this later a I'm just on my way out. I do have another query with module which I would appreciate some help on. My domain name is forwarded to my hosting for the shop but if I set it up the forwarding to display my domain name at all times this also transfers to the nochex checkout page. Ie users see at top of nochex page and this wil probably put them off as there is a security warning on page to check that you are on a genuine nochex page. Presumably I have to change something in Nochex.php to make sure target breaks from my framed forwarding but as usual I need help!
  3. Could you expand on this answer please. I have scanned all through this file and can not see the text that I need to change. I am also trying to do the same for check/money order so that I can have it in English rather than American. My shop is live now but am always looking to improve it and this is one of those things that really bugs me and i have never worked out how to change.