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  1. sha

    QTPro no stock button

    Hi again, Is there no-one out there with a suggestion?!
  2. Can anybody please help me? In my online shop, the color/size dropdowns are missing and so is the stock button in Categories/Products. But I have a local version on one of my computers where all of this works fine. I of course would like to upload the relevant local files to the web. But alas some other stuff on the local version is screwed up (it insists on displaying prices without VAT even though I seem to have made the correct settings) , so I only want to upload the QTPro stuff. Or I upload the whole local site and then try to fix the VAT problem. But it might have to do with the MySQL tables and who knows, maybe I'll really mess everything up. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Dave.
  3. sha

    Sts template aiutooo!!

    Ciao frabibbo! si ma non capiscono italiano! anch'io ho problemi con sts perche sto cominciando con osc. pero se mi ricordo bene non si usano i TITLE tags. c'e anche in italiano un leggemi.txt (opencommercio.com) ancora meglio: imparare inglese...... David
  4. Hi folks, I've several problems with sts. First of all, b4 installing it I had localised some expressions, particularly ex vat and inc vat into French and German e.g. TVA incl. or inkl. MWSt. Now I've been wrestling with how to get language files made out of sts_product_info.php TIA for any help and suggestions. Sha Ps I've also been trying to modify sts_template.html but nothing changes even if I remove $whatsnewbox etc. So obviously what I'm seeing is not that file. So at the moment all I've got is the template showing, that has the orange-yellow gradient infobox headers. Whilst this is an improvement on the default osCommerve look, I'd love to get started with my own modifications. But no luck so far.
  5. Sorry i can't help except to say that there's no t in extensions. Cool site though.