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  1. Well really - this entire contrib IS just for coupon codes. The gift vouncher is basically just a type of coupon really.
  2. Subject: Per Product Sales Reports broken? We have been using this mod successfully for a couple months now (figured out most of the bugs ourselves). But we have one major issue. When we run reports on our total sales, the amount is obviously correct. But when we report on sales PER PRODUCT, there is no way to report the totals correctly. In other words, the coupons are verified per product, but applied per order. This is an issue for us because we are paying royalties to vendors for whom we are selling for. So if a customer buys 5 products, one of which has a coupon, we cannot report accurately for that one product - we'd lose money, especially since the coupons are usually pretty big. So my question is - has anyone modified this contribution to perhaps store the modified price in an extra field or SOMETHING so that we can run reports and get the correct info? I personally am a bit shocked that the "final_price" field is not being used for this. So any help would be _GREATLY_ appreciated.
  3. akac

    Vendor_Auto_E-mail (In_Development)

    Thanks. We only do software at our store, so any purchase is immediately processed and done with. We actually do not use the normal Order Status' from OSCommerce, but instead use "Paid", "Voided", "Refunded", and "Chargeback". So for us - the order is not even put into the system unless its paid and processed. I'll try to follow that post and see what I can figure out.
  4. akac

    Vendor_Auto_E-mail (In_Development)

    I've read through some of this topic - but one question - does this email the vendors in the checkout_process.php, or from a status change in the order admin?
  5. akac

    Bug in Gift Voucher mod ot_coupon.php

    I'm hit with the same issue. How can we mod the system (we've got a very heavily modded system, but the coupon stuff is MOSTLY untouched) so that it tracks what product line items are discounted? I understand why the final price is not adjusted - its because the discount is applied as its own line item. But we need to pay royalties as well and so this is problematic.