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  1. antigeek

    PWA not carrying customers name

    Oh yeah and I used PWA 1_2_5b
  2. antigeek

    PWA not carrying customers name

    I have the same problem! The name email and phone number do not carry across tot he order page in admin?? Any help greatly appreciated
  3. antigeek

    how to change how page layout

    I Also need to know how to do this someone please help us!!
  4. antigeek

    Integrating flash with STS templates

    Im also After the same answer.... But yes that can be done.....you just target any links from flash to the ecommerce as "yourframename" I have done this sort of thing with mambo/joomla a lot with no problems except when using a virtuemart ecommerce component.... i guess is what i need to know is will os commerce work within a frame set?