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  1. ijamessaxon

    Thermal Printing, What does it take?

    FedEx sends the PNG files as PNGs but apparently when you request a thermal printout for a thermal printer, it is differenly formated though I don't know because I haven't seen one. People have suggested "piping" the "raw" file (as shown above is some sort of printer control language as text), "directly" to the thermal printer. But that's not doing the trick for me. Or maybe, though I've tried shareware, "lpr", "print" and other techniques, I'm still not understanding "pipe directly"? The goal is automation. Stick this FedEx downloaded file into a directory and then it automatically prints out. I can do that with the PNG file but only for "laser" labels, not for thermal. The FedEx Automation module uses FedEx Direct Shipping system and cURL is used to communicate with FedEx. In the process it stores the PNG or "raw" file in a server directory for printing out.
  2. ijamessaxon

    Automated FedEx Labels

    Zebra, Piping, Thermal, Printer, Text HTMLguru2 et al. I've tried piping in a zillion different ways. The printer either does nothing, or prints out the text that is sent to me (as a .png) file. Can somebody explain how to take the text file and make it print an actual label on the thermal printer? Thanks!
  3. ijamessaxon

    Thermal Printing, What does it take?

    The above is regarding Fedex Shipping Automation!
  4. I have seen much about thermal printing but no clarity on solutions. Here's my scenario: Zebra Thermal Printer (LP2453) Using driver 2443 as recommended. Parallael Port I have specified thermal settings in sending my shipping request to FedEx and it returned a "png" file which is actually text. It looks like: ^XA^CF,0,0,0^PR12^MD30^PW800%^PON ^FO0,147^GB800,4,4^FS ^FO0,401^GB800,4,4^FS ^FO0,746^GB800,4,4^FS ^FO35,12^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FDFrom:^FS ^FO35,31^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FD^FS ^FO35,51^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FDBlah^FS ^FO35,71^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FDAddress^FS ^FO35,92^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FD^FS ^FO35,112^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FDCity, ST 99999^FS ^FO35,132^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FD(310)827-6163^FS ^FO490,31^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FDShip Date: 27OCT05^FS ^FO490,51^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FDActual Wgt: 25.0 LB^FS ^FO490,72^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FDSystem#: xxxx^FS ^FO490,91^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FDAccount: S *********^FS etcetera. I have attempted to send this to the printer (including renaming it .prn and .pcl) using print and lpr from the command line. I have tried to determine what the above printer language is. But no matter what I do, the Zebra either prints nothing OR prints out the actual Text. I've tried third party software that I'd have to pay for, but no dice and no printing. I've tried somehow to set the "PASSHTHROUGH" information but that didn't help. I've tried printing PNG files using photoshop or Windows Printing and it prints fine, but a PNG is NOT a thermal printer. But the web (and Google) has failed me and there seems to be no clarity about what kind of a file this is or how to send it to a printer. Can somebody out there provide for all our users, what steps are required once we've received an "image" from FedEx, to get it printed out on a Zebra? Thanks much!!!
  5. Hi, I want to have the option to ship with FedEx ONLY in Admin. I want to charge folks based on a table but then use FedEx as my shipping, but I want to use FedEx Automation so that I can automatically print the labels. I notice that even when I specify an order as "Best" or some other shipping, when I'm on Admin, I can still ship FedEx, so there must be some easy way to hide the FedEx option from the customers. No? Thanks much! Also has anybody worked with a barcode scanner to automatically bring up the shipping? Thanks! James