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  1. Geotex

    New management and osCommerce v4

    I saw something about a ver. 4 coming. Been a member of this forum since Feb. 2003, bout probably have not been here for 5 years or so. Developed a lot of carts, with a lot of customization. I stopped maintaining my installations about 8 years age as so much had gone stale, and no serious path forward. Downloaded the I am surprised to see all the old code. Looking forward to seeing what come out in Ver. 4, as osCommerce was such a strong force for so many years.
  2. Thanks. That is kind of what I expected. Already went there. rewrite engine is working, .htaccess looks okay, I had backed out URLS5, probably missed something. I think I will scrap that and just work on a copy already running on PHP 5.3.x with register-everything turned off. George
  3. Hi I have gone forward and backwards through this topic, find nothing relating to any problems with PHP 5.4.x I have Ultimate SEO 2-2.2d-12 working flawlessly on our public servers, Cent-OS 6.4 (32bit) Apache 2.2.15 (patched) and PHP 5.2.17. Since that server needs to be upgraded, I set up a test server on my local network, Cent-OS 6.4 (64bit) Apache 2.2.15(patched) and PHP 5.4.16. Could not get the contribution to work on the test server, so copied the full file on a working system from the production server to the test server. Updated to include date_default_timezone_set('America/Chicago'); to reduce complaints about date code. As you can see, the Server generates the link okay ( but generates a 404 error. I double checked all files to be certain I have eliminated any typos, Any suggestion on where to start looking?
  4. Geotex

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hi. Just upgraded to the latest version of your Ultimate SEO Pro as we will be soon upgrading our public servers. The "other" one had lots of problems with PHP 5.4.x in my carts. We are still using a base version of osCommerce 2.2, but upgraded with many, many contributions and fully php 5..4 compatible and PCI compliant, so no plans to start over with 2.3.x or 3.x versions. All is working well on Ubuntu 12.04 with Apache 2.2.22, PHP 5.4.2 and MySQL 5.5, except for the dangling carrot contribution throwing (from includes/boxes/gift.php) an error as follows: Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to aPage_Modules::linkText() must be of the type array, null given, called in /var/www/designerdog1/includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/page_modules/product_info.php on line 170 and defined in /var/www/designerdog1/includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/abstracts/page_modules.php on line 338 Reason being their is no price posted, only text on the Gift item. Can you suggest a solution to add to your page_modules.php to either ignore the (null) argument or some other solution? This problem will affect 9 carts.
  5. I found this contribution using osc-sec contribution. We have a very heavily modified cart, started as ms2.2, fully security updated, probably 100+ contibutions added with most rewritten to coexist, and now "integrating" some of the best of osC2.3.1 Your version 1, included in the osc-sec contribution cause a real problem with updating many of our admin pages. We use Admin Access with Level control, and have had to modify it as well as most contributions to work with it. Many compliments on this lastes v1.0.2 you just posted. I tried it as written, and so far can find no problems on our catalog front end or in the admin areas. With all the code changes we have made, it is seldom that any contribution works right out of the box on our development site. Thanks for the great work. (a live setup using this version of your htaccess hardening is here: www.designerdogregistry.com) George
  6. Geotex

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    Assuming I did not get an answer as I might be using a modified update that would cause a problem, I installed the full version v9.2 dated Aug, 2011. The same problems outlined in the above two postings still exist.
  7. Geotex

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    another minor problem When using the latest published module AND having FedEx rates set to List, I get a $0.00 rate for international shipping. When the rates are set to Account, shipping charges are shown. ?? George
  8. Geotex

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    I searched this thread, but did not find an answer. If I missed, please point me in the right direction. I have installed the module on several carts, it works very, very well. Thank you for the fine contribution. We had an error problem with Canadian ground shipping from the USA. I had a chance this evening to chat with the WebEx services technician. He was able to explain exactly the problem with Ground to Canada. This is the ONLY service affected in this manner. Any other FedEx service to Canada from the USA and any method of shipment to any other country form the USA is NOT affected. Ground services to Canada need to have the declaration value of the shipment passed to FedEx as this service automatically adds in brokerage fees unless the seller specifies a broker when printing the shipping label. Currently, a "$0.00" value is passed. I need to know how to: 1. Determine the country as Canada, 2. Determine the method as International Ground, 3. Determine the "declared value" of the shipment 4. By-pass the declared value if the seller specifies a Broker is to be used then send the above information to FedEx to get the actual charges for shipping via International Ground to Canada. George
  9. Geotex

    Master Products - MS2

    Master slave products, by design, only allow purchase of slaves. The master works kind of like a subcategory, except that the slave products can be anywhere on the system, including hidden or disabled directories. When someone clicks on a product or the master, all associated products are rounded up from wherever they are located and displayed in a meaningful display, with the Master providing a location to adequately describe and promote the whole group.
  10. Geotex

    Master Products - MS2

    Hi I understand why you are having problems creating new features for a Master item. A Master Product is a "dummy" product that is used to round up items that could make up a set of items that are many times purchased together even though they could be listed in different categories. To a point, they could be almost considered a "mini" subcategory. A master product is an enhancement that can either add information to a group of products that you do not want in a separate category, or could be used to create a great sales pitch for a group of products when you do not want to add a contribution that allows category descriptions. (A very useful contribution. If you are not using it, you should check one out.) Making a Master product for sale or giving it attributes is really at cross purposes with the intention of the contribution, regardless of the version of osCommerce you are using. Making the Master items (and some will disagree, I know) for sale is not good practice. If you need to have sales and attributes for Master items, you probably need to consider another contribution. Please carefully consider what it is you are trying to accomplish here. If you need to sell a set, set up a product code offering the set as a whole purchase, maybe with a small discount compared to buying each item. You can set it as a slave to show under your master listing. That might be less confusing to your customers than trying to buy an item, a master set, and so on. By the way, the original author is long gone, and it appears that those who have so graciously added updated versions have left also, leaving this as a totally user supported contribution. I can attempt to help, but have so many contributions, changes and updates added to my code that my help will necessarily be somewhat general. Also, I use a heavily modified osCommerce roughly equivilant to RC2a, and have zero familiarity with the update for osCommerce 2.3.x versions as I do not wish to totally obscure the code with java scripts. So I will probably not be able to offer any intelligent comments on that version. HTH George
  11. Geotex

    Master Products - MS2

    I need a little more info to see if I can help. What version of osCommerce are you using, and what version of the M/S contribution did you install? George
  12. Geotex

    Master Products - MS2

    You can have products under different categories and under multiple masters. The very nature of having a master product is to round up all the associated (slave) products and display them together in one list. If you need more information about a product to display, I did a pop-up window add-on for Master Slave some time back that works very well and is a relatively easy install. This will allow your customer to click on the product and have a pop-up window that will actually display info as though the product were a separate listing. They then close the window to order from your slave list. It is listed under the Master/slave contribution if you are interested. It will work with PHP 4.x - 5.3.x, register-globals on or off. George
  13. Geotex

    Master Products - MS2

    Here's an update. To enter a product with options/attributes directly to the shopping cart requires alteration of your catalog/includes/modules/product_listing.php and catalog/includes/modules/new_products.php and, if used, catalog/includes/modules/special_products.php, and if you have all products you would have to look at the product listing file for that contribution. Also, if you have buy_now buttons in catalog/products_new.php and catalog/specials.php you will need to alter these pages as well. The main alteration to the above pages consists of inserting the code to choose options found in catalog/includes/modules/master_listing.php. This will allow the user to choose options from a drop-down menu, and pass the option/attribute variables in $HTTP_GET_VARS[] ($_GET[] for those who have gone to the trouble to replace deprecated code) when the buy-now button is pressed. Then, change any instances (in sql calls or buy-now code) of 'product_to_buy_id' to 'products_id' which will skip the code in application_top that sends products with attributes purchased form these pages to product_info.php instead of adding the products directly to the cart. This should be a fairly straight forward update as you are basically replacing the code in the files above with that found in catalog/includes/modules/master_listing with only minor changes. Although I see some value to these changes and will probably implement them, I am not putting the code changes here due to the number of files that need to be altered. This would have to be an add-on to the Master-Slave contribution.
  14. Geotex

    Master Products - MS2

    There probably are several ways, Gergely probably has a better solution than I. If it were me, I would look under //Shopping Cart Actions in application_top.php, uder the subsection //customer adds a product from the products page to find the code that sends a product with attributes to the product page and write an exception for slaves with options/attributes to redirect to the product instead of the Master. This would be the most direct and not require manipulation of any other pages. hth George
  15. Geotex

    Master Products - MS2

    Basically what you are saying is that "if a product has no options, go to Master" and "if product has options, go to prodct"? This voids the purpose of setting a Master-Slave relationship. The choice here is to not have a master for items with options, or add options to product listing when pulling a category, thereby changing the basic action of a buy now in catalog/includes/modules/product_listing[_col].php. You would also need to alter the shopping cart options in catalog/includes/application_top.php and possible also classes and functions. The second option is possible, but not very desirable for obvious reasons.