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  1. overnight

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    I am not sure if you are still supporting this contribution...but I have a couple of problems. I am sure I just didn't zig when I should have zagged. One look and you will see my problem...also logo is not showing...hmmmm. Thanks for your help.
  2. overnight

    Using UPS AND USPS

    I am pretty new around here but I have had some experience with this. The short answer is yes. You will need to have registered an account with USPS at http://www.uspsprioritymail.com/et_regcert.html to use this module Then enter your account number and passward in the shipping module. You will also have to set your products with the weight. During checkout the cart will calculate the total weight, add any handling fee you want to collect and then calculate their shipping for you. It will display options for the customer, i.e.; ground, 2nd day, overnight etc. Side note: One thing I am finding with osCommerce is that while it is a bit intimidating at first...just jump in with both feet...MAKE BACKUPS...in fact whenever I am editing a specific file...I cutnpaste the code to notepad...then I go ahead and make my changes and then save. If it blows up...I can restore easily. Good luck and have fun...
  3. overnight

    Internal Server Error Message

    That didn't work...darn.
  4. overnight

    Internal Server Error Message

    I get the following error message if I select Check/Money Order as a method of payment: Paypal works fine...anyone encountered this and where do I start troubleshooting??? Thank you.
  5. overnight

    Missing Payment Method

    HOOORAAAAA!!!! Fixed it....here is what I did.... While sifting through the tables in the Cpanel....I read in the code for the Payment Module the following line: "If a zone is selected, only enable this payment method for that zone." So I went backl into Admin>>>Modules>>>payments>>>Paypal & Checks/Money Orders and removed the zones. I assumed it was for tax or shipping purposes. Thanks for your help...you got me poking around.
  6. overnight

    Missing Payment Method

    Okay...this is what I see in the tables: define('TABLE_ADDRESS_BOOK', 'address_book'); define('TABLE_ADDRESS_FORMAT', 'address_format'); define('TABLE_BANNERS', 'banners'); define('TABLE_BANNERS_HISTORY', 'banners_history'); define('TABLE_CATEGORIES', 'categories'); define('TABLE_CATEGORIES_DESCRIPTION', 'categories_description'); define('TABLE_CONFIGURATION', 'configuration'); define('TABLE_CONFIGURATION_GROUP', 'configuration_group'); define('TABLE_COUNTER', 'counter'); define('TABLE_COUNTER_HISTORY', 'counter_history'); define('TABLE_COUNTRIES', 'countries'); define('TABLE_CURRENCIES', 'currencies'); define('TABLE_CUSTOMERS', 'customers'); define('TABLE_CUSTOMERS_BASKET', 'customers_basket'); define('TABLE_CUSTOMERS_BASKET_ATTRIBUTES', 'customers_basket_attributes'); define('TABLE_CUSTOMERS_INFO', 'customers_info'); define('TABLE_LANGUAGES', 'languages'); define('TABLE_MANUFACTURERS', 'manufacturers'); define('TABLE_MANUFACTURERS_INFO', 'manufacturers_info'); define('TABLE_ORDERS', 'orders'); define('TABLE_ORDERS_PRODUCTS', 'orders_products'); define('TABLE_ORDERS_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES', 'orders_products_attributes'); define('TABLE_ORDERS_PRODUCTS_DOWNLOAD', 'orders_products_download'); define('TABLE_ORDERS_STATUS', 'orders_status'); define('TABLE_ORDERS_STATUS_HISTORY', 'orders_status_history'); define('TABLE_ORDERS_TOTAL', 'orders_total'); define('TABLE_PRODUCTS', 'products'); define('TABLE_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES', 'products_attributes'); define('TABLE_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES_DOWNLOAD', 'products_attributes_download'); define('TABLE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION', 'products_description'); define('TABLE_PRODUCTS_NOTIFICATIONS', 'products_notifications'); define('TABLE_PRODUCTS_OPTIONS', 'products_options'); define('TABLE_PRODUCTS_OPTIONS_VALUES', 'products_options_values'); define('TABLE_PRODUCTS_OPTIONS_VALUES_TO_PRODUCTS_OPTIONS', 'products_options_values_to_products_options'); define('TABLE_PRODUCTS_TO_CATEGORIES', 'products_to_categories'); define('TABLE_REVIEWS', 'reviews'); define('TABLE_REVIEWS_DESCRIPTION', 'reviews_description'); define('TABLE_SESSIONS', 'sessions'); define('TABLE_SPECIALS', 'specials'); define('TABLE_TAX_CLASS', 'tax_class'); define('TABLE_TAX_RATES', 'tax_rates'); define('TABLE_GEO_ZONES', 'geo_zones'); define('TABLE_ZONES_TO_GEO_ZONES', 'zones_to_geo_zones'); define('TABLE_WHOS_ONLINE', 'whos_online'); define('TABLE_ZONES', 'zones');
  7. overnight

    Shipping based on % of order

    Does anyone know a way to calculate shipping based on a percentage of the order? For example $0.01 to $9.99 45% of order $10.00 to $50.00 30% of order etc. Thanks.
  8. overnight

    Missing Payment Method

    This could be it...as I enabled some other payment options and they work. But PayPal and Check/Money Order does not. I tried disabling them and re-enabling them and it still did not work. I noticed a couple people posted this very same question on here and never recied a solution. I appreciate you stepping through this with me... configuration table = configuration.php???? Is that where I would find it?
  9. overnight

    Missing Payment Method

    Are you saying I need an SSL certificate in order for payment options to display? I do have a shared SSL Certificate...but have not used it. yes I did...and still nothing. As far as I can tell all the files are there.
  10. overnight

    Missing Payment Method

    Thanks for your reply. Here is my URL: http://overnight-marketing.com/shopping-cart/index.php PayPal Enable PayPal Module True E-Mail Address orders@overnight-marketing.com Transaction Currency Only USD Payment Zone Ohio Set Order Status default Sort order of display. 0 Check/Money Order Make Payable To: Overnight Marketing, Inc. Send To: Passion Fire Lingerie Akron, Ohio 44314 USA 330-848-4747 Phone 888-848-4747 Toll Free 213-803-5472 Fax Your order will not ship until we receive payment. Enable Check/Money Order Module True Payment Zone Ohio Set Order Status default Sort order of display. 1 Make Payable to: Overnight Marketing, Inc. Thanks for your help.
  11. overnight

    Missing Payment Method

    26 views and still no dice... That is all that is displayed...no Payment method selections. Anyone?
  12. overnight

    Missing Payment Method

    Bumping this back up...this has to be a common problem...anybody... :)
  13. overnight

    Missing Payment Method

    This is what is displayed on the checkout_payment screen: I have PayPal and Check/Money Order enabled... Those two items should show as payment options. Thanks for your help.