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    I have a situation here, and is that: the email from the sender isn't parsing at the script, all messages i receive have a "FROM" field from the store owner - myself. Actually i have to set debug=On at the smtp.log to can access the email address from the person who sent it. Anyone else? Thank you for your help, Karfax
  2. The same happens here, any solution to get rid of it? Tia,
  3. Thank you for this great contrib, usefull a lot! I'm facing a very strange issue: clicking on the link "print this product" the browser opens a popup window asking to save/open the file pdf_stylesheet.php. Tested with firefox & Iexplorer 6 Any clue? TIA,
  4. I've installed this contrib but i'm having some issues: [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/html/oscommercepath/undefined, referer: http://store.domain.com.br/build.php?page=1 Well, the images are not shown - only broken links, the prices are not parsed, even if they are actually showing in the drop down list. I made any and every change described in the docs, updated my ccc table and, nothing. When the page loads, every price box has an "Price" text inside it. When i load the first item from any drop down box, every price box shows an "undefined" text inside it. If someone could be very kindly to give a hand to start to use the module, it will be very appreciated. TIA,