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    Yah ... here's the proper protocol. "Hi everyone. I am having a problem with XXXX and am getting XXXX errors." NOT "I always give and give and no one wants to help. Drop everything you are doing now and help me NOW. NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!" meanwhile typing this you're crying with a runny nose. And then wait a day or so for a response and then reply to your own post with a "BUMP" or "TTT". I'm sure someone will step in to help. Thanks for the understanding.
  2. John Holmes


    So was your initial whining and I'm sure everyone will agree. Ask nicely and you get a nice response.
  3. John Holmes

    How To Make Contributions

    Honestly if no one is responding for beta testers in the forum the only thing I could really suggest if to post it in the Contributions section and call it say you already have version 2.2 out. I would say version 2.2.1 Beta. Remember when you ask for help a lot of people are takers not givers. Only the true osC enthusiasts will come out to help to benefit the whole and not themselves. So I say post it in the Contributions section even if it's a beta. Who knows? Maybe a beta tester will find faults and make corrections in conjunction with your findings.
  4. John Holmes


    OMG ... another f******g whiner. "I've helped sooo much and now I want help NOW. Drop everything and HELP ME!" Come to find out this punk only helped once out of his measley 10 posts and 9 of those posts are from this same topic he started. STFU!
  5. John Holmes

    (1 x 53.196lbs)

    Terry, It worked like a charm. Thanks.
  6. John Holmes

    (1 x 53.196lbs)

    during the check out screens, when you pick your moehtod of ups shipping, either ground, next day, 2 day, etc. it shows 1 x POUNDs
  7. John Holmes

    (1 x 53.196lbs)

    1 x 53.196lbs, how can i remove the "1x" . This shows up during UPS. All I want to show is the poundage because "1x" is misleading as we may use more than one box to package that products.
  8. John Holmes

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I need to amend orders after they are done because I offer discounts and instead of going and changing price for one item for one customer, I ask them to pay the full amount and then I do a manual refund and have to change the price they paid on their order to reflect correctly. It is a useful tool to use.
  9. John Holmes


    PhillipH, I don't see how my reply was bad mouthing. I asked a question to verify what this person said and it looks like I was right. The reason why I asked is because why would you drop three other vendors that could possibly give you a better price JUST because there isn't a contribution that modifies osC to allow you to do so? I would work 'around' osC and continue to work with all four vendors because one of them might be the 'one' who gives better service as a dropshipper. Basically what I would do is continue to work with all four vendors and just e-mail or fax over the customer's packing slip. Don't limit yourself just because you feel osC will limit how your business is run.
  10. John Holmes


    Wait a minute. I may have interpreted your reply here wrong but are you saying that you are going to drop three vendors just because a contribution will not work with osC?
  11. John Holmes

    [contribution] Total B2B

    hozone. Could you work on maybe adding another feature. Say for instance I have these products" Product A Product B I require customers to purcahse a case of Product A which is 12 I require customers to purchase a case of Product B which is 48 Now right now I have listed the individual prices of Product A and Product B. Can you add a feature to where you can make it a requirement to purcahse 12 and 48 for each product rather than having to show the price for 12 and mark each product in it's description of "This price is for a case of 12" because if they see the price for a case, they may not like it rather than seeing the price of one initially. I know there is a contribution that forces a customer to purcahse a minimum amount but that is only for all products. It allows you to set a minimum quanitty across the board but I need something that allows you to set a minimum quanitity for each individual product. thanks in advance.
  12. John Holmes

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    Unless it's a nekkid picture of a woman. :)
  13. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...l/search,banner I'm wondering how can you kill off the clickable URL? Some of my banners do not have a website to where when you click the image, it loads a new window to their website. So for those banners with no link, it opens a blank window. I would like to know if someone could show me how to disable that function.
  14. John Holmes

    Rik Rasmussen, please help!

    You should modify the paypal.php to direct the customer to the credit card option payment screen like I did. All I did was make the changes and overwrite the cc.php file. Basically it'll take you to the payment screen when they choose CC, it'll show logon your paypal account or if you don't enter your credit card info, etc.e tc.
  15. John Holmes

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Like I said, all forked project hacks should be removed from this website. They are useless to us as they don't pertain to us, the users, or this website.