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  1. robertw477

    Remove Unused Images [Support Thread]

    I got this installed by my programmer. Seems to be a really good contrib. The only question/issue I have is the following. I have abotu 100 sub directory of images from different pages in my site. I dont have the default which is all images dump into one image directory which was viewed as an issue when the site was originally developed. I was able to test it on about 250 images in the root image folder, but I have thousands to check. Is there a way to make this check all of the folders underneath? Thanks Robert
  2. robertw477


    I treid this on my site which is heavily modded and I see the words matching product appear on the product page once I enter the cross code skus but no images or items show. My SKU numbers are letter based, not number based for example ABC_1, ABC_2 does this present any issues? Appreciate any suggestions. Sample page: http://www.bigapplecard.com/mlb-gel-air-freshener-p-511.html Thanks Robert
  3. Everything worked with the text and product codes but no product iamges were shown only the category images. Imagemagic is used for the thumbnails. Any ideas what I need to do so it works correctly? Thanks Rob
  4. Is there a way to wipeout all the products online and then reimport the file or will I have to manually go and enter all codes online first? Thanks Rob
  5. I started using Easy Populate today with my existing site. I downloaded the product database and edited the products making sure every product had a model number, this previously was not in the existing site on every product. I uploaded normal into the DB. It seems that the site shows duplicate items. It shows the correct item with model number and the earlier item without the model number. What am I doing wrong? I appreciate any help. Rob
  6. robertw477

    Easy Populate Install

    I just installed Easy Populate in my oscommerce site (2.2) it does nto show up in my admin panel. DOnt know what went wrong. Appreciate any help. Rob www.bigapplecard.com
  7. My site was created by a company that is long gone. The did some custom coding and such to allow me in a html editor to add up to 12 images per page. If I want to allow up to 16 or 20 images on a page where would I look to correct this? Here is a sample page http://www.bigapplecard.com/2008-chase-pit-caps-p-306.html One more question on the IE bar on this page how do I edit the text? There is a mispelling and I dont like that! http://www.bigapplecard.com/2008-nascar-products-c-162.html Is there a way to change the order of the ship by category on the left side of my home page: www.bigapplecard.com I appreciate all help and suggestions. I am a wholesale company and os serves as a way to present my product lines and work with new and existing customers. We do not take orders online which is a good thing. Robert