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  1. solved my problem ... the product query in the includes/seo_cache.php had a "where products_status = 1" in it everything works fine now ... great contrib :)
  2. i debugged the html_output.php a bit, thats what ive found: if ( defined('PRODUCT_NAME_'.$p2[1]) ){ $rewrite_page_product = short_name(constant('PRODUCT_NAME_'.$p2[1])) . '-p-' . $p2[1] . '.html'; } else { $seo = false; } break; that part of the new tep_html_link() function is false for products with products_status = 0 .... i dont have ANY idea why ... i tried if ( !defined('PRODUCT_NAME_'.$p2[1]) ){ now all product links with products_status = 0 are rewritten, but they dont have the product name in the link(the link looks like ../catalog/-p-149.html). products with products_status = 1 now have the old link style ... any ideas about that? thanks florian
  3. i think now i know why some links work and others dont. ive changed the function of the product status(in stock/out of stock) products with product status out of stock will still be shown in my shop, but a box appears under the product image to show that the product is out of stock ... i think that causes my problems. but i really dont have an idea what part of code causes that. i just deleted the "where product_status = 1" from the sql queries to show the products with any product_status ... i dont think that any sql queries have changend with the installation of the ultimate seo urls
  4. i've deleted the /tmp directory content, the content of the cache table, but nothing changed. maybe i replaced the tep_href_link() whith the wrong function? 4 (1a) IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PAGE CACHE INSTALLED REPLACE WITH THIS CODE: what does that exactly mean? ive installed the "osc advanced cache class" that comes with the ultimate seo urls contrib, but not the "page cache"(ive seen that anywhere too - i think that are 2 different contribs?!). should i replace the href_link() with the function 1a or 1b
  5. hi, i just installed ultimate seo urls. its really a great contrib, but it doesnt work "completely" on my shop. some links work, others not. the first thee products on this page(dont be confused its a german page ;)) http://www.rc-heaven.de/oscommerce/catalog/akkus-c-33.html have the right (rewriten) url .. the last 2 products still have the old urls ... anyone got a clue why some products work and others dont? thanks in advance Florian