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  1. supastoked

    Wolfen Featured Sets SUPPORT

    Hi Steve, Thank you SOOO much for your reply. I had no idea that was what was causing it not to work! You have really made my day/week/weekend with your reply and advice! Hope you have a great weekend! Regards, Chris
  2. supastoked

    Wolfen Featured Sets SUPPORT

    Hi Guys, It seems all my other posts have "disappeared"! I've applied all the instructions and the home page featured is working like a bomb, only prob now is when i try click on any of the categories, i get a message "Unable to determine the page link!". I'm still desperately trying to get this working. If anyone has any suggestions, i'd really appreciate it! Thanks, Chris
  3. supastoked

    Wolfen Featured Sets SUPPORT

    Hi Steve, First off, thanks for what looks like an awesome contribution! I say "looks like", as i've just installed the contrib and although everything seems to be working in the backend, i cant seem to get the featured category to show in the frontend. Heres an outline of what i've done: - Full site and db backup - Replaced all the necessary files - Run the sql file - Updated the catelogue/index.php file - Logged into the OSC admin, go to Featured Sets under the configuration section - Set a featured Category, with an expiry date of 01/01/07 - Checked that no other categories are featured. Any suggestions what i'm doing wrong? Many thanks, Chris