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  1. That error s often caused by characters appearing before or after the php tags. Check your files and make sure there s nothing (no spaces, no extra blank lines) before the start tag (<?php) or after the end php tag (?>). you dontl need to worry about ever tag, ust the ones at the top and bottom of files like application_top.php and checkout_shipping.php.
  2. saiena

    Error processing credit card

    Even though my transactions were successfully processed by authorize.net, I was getting a general error on OS commerce's checkout_process.php (or a fatal error on line 130 of checkout_process.php). Only by commenting these lines in the checkout_process.php was I able to get things working: // {{ buySAFE Module // $buysafe_cart_id = MODULE_BUYSAFE_BUYSAFE_CART_PREFIX . '-' . tep_session_id() . (tep_count_customer_orders()-1); // $checkout_params = array('WantsBond' => ($WantsBond ? $WantsBond : 'false'), 'orders_id' => $insert_id, 'buysafe_cart_id' => $buysafe_cart_id); // $checkout_result = $buysafe_module->call_api('SetShoppingCartCheckout', $checkout_params); // if (is_array($checkout_result) && $checkout_result['IsBuySafeEnabled'] == 'true') // { // $update_data_array = array('buysafe_cart_id' => $buysafe_cart_id, // 'buysafe_client_ip' => tep_get_ip_address(), // 'buysafe_session_id' => tep_session_id()); // tep_db_perform(TABLE_ORDERS, $update_data_array, 'update', "orders_id = '" . (int)$insert_id . "'"); // } // }} I DO NOT have the buysafe module installed. My guess is that authorize.net is returning in their response some sort of requirement to use buysafe, but I don't know how to confirm this theory. I do not (yet) know if there are any negative side-effects of the change I made... My config includes: - Host: lunarpages - using MD5 hashing Authorize.net settings: Direct Response Delimiter: yes, comma, double-quotes Receipt response url: https://MYSHOP/checkout_process.php Relay response url: blank