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  1. Hi chemo ! I have upgraded your contrib on my site but i have still problems with customer sessions,all work fine until i click on nonssl link, when i go on from ssl to nonssl, my account information disappear, and when i 'm come back on ssl i retrieve my information, my cart disappear so, could you say me in which direction to seek I am lost, My Webpage thanks a lot for your help :'(
  2. :thumbsup: Thanks a lot for your work Chemo this contrib work nicely with loaded6 !!!!!Arghhhhhhh!!! :D but I benefit from it to ask you a question, know you how I could make so that that my customers can place their order starting from their corporate network, because when that I connect myself has customer through a firewall on my shop, (for information: I use a share ssl) I am authenticated and that I pass from a https link to http link, I lose my personal parameters , if I click has new on a https link I retrieve my session, has you got an idea about this? Thanks in advance for your help :blush:
  3. I have some trouble with this contribution, My shop run with shared ssl server,an when I am logged on the shop with a clients' account,and that I select a category in category box, my login box asks me has new o authenticatification and when I clic on being identified I am still connected without authetification, I can't close the session user, log off does not function any more somebody have the same problem and know how to solve it ??? I have autologon contrib installed, but i have disable it, and i still have same symptom.