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  1. aknewitz

    Paily Payment Options

    I signed up for the Paily merchant support as an additional service for international customers. I just installed the files to my server and the payment module works. However it doesn't give the option to select a Payment Zone for which this method applies. I want to only offer it to international customer and I don't want my US or Canada customers to be giving Paily as a payment option. I attempted to copy the zones code out of the MoneyOrder module, but that didn't work. What do I need to do to include a Payment Zone code into the Paily module to be able to assign it to a zone? Thanks, AlldaRon
  2. Hello there, this is a question I have been searching for for quite some time now... I'm hoping someone else figured this would be a good thing and either found or created a solution. I'm in the US and I need a shipping module that does the following: 1) Offer multiple US flat rates for US customers (3rd Day Air $15, 2nd Day Air $25, Next Day Air $40). 2) Offer Canada shipping rate only available to Canadian customers ($50). 3) Offer flat International shipping rate ($85 - required for all customers not from US or Canada). This would be a very useful module since it would eliminate the occurrence of non-US customers selecting $15 as their shipping method, it simply wouldn't allow it. Please let me know if there is something out there like this. Thanks, AlldaRon
  3. aknewitz

    Event Calender

    THANKS ROB! That was the answer that I too have been fighting with for the past 3 hours. I installed this awesome contribution and then after receiving the error message, I reinstalled and modified annd double checked every file twice because of the error message. Thanks everyone for your help. Best wishes, AlldaRon