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  1. hi, I searched the forums and google, and this problem i cant seem to find anywhere else... I upgraded from the previous version of OSCommerce and everything seemed to be working fine, Payments go through fine and items can be purchased with both Paypal Standard and Paypal Pro, but neither of the above hold any order information in paypal. Usually i would log into oscommerce admin section and find the orders there, but there are no orders coming up... The db shows the previous backed up order of over 1 month ago... im thinking it has something to do with the tables maybe... im not exactly sure, but it seems that no one has reported this problem, so im pretty sure its something to do with the upgrade or my db... Thanks for your help
  2. Great contrib Unfortunatly i cannot get it to work. GD is enabled and works, did everything in instructions, they are pretty simple. Only thing is it could be the .htaccess in the image directory, the path or something. this is what i got. RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^(.*)\.jpg /inetpub/webroot/image.php?%{REQUEST_FILENAME} RewriteRule ^(.*)\.gif /inetpub/webroot/image.php?%{REQUEST_FILENAME} Thanks Eitan
  3. Eitan

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    $meta_cache_files_path = DIR_FS_CATALOG.'cache/'; //this should work for most # DO NOT ALTER OR EDIT BELOW THIS LINE UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING # foreach (glob($meta_cache_files_path."{*.meta-cache}", GLOB_BRACE) as $filename_page) { unlink($filename_page); } $exists = mysql_query("SELECT 1 FROM cache LIMIT 0"); if ($exists) tep_db_query("DELETE FROM cache WHERE cache_name LIKE '%meta-cache'"); ?> Just installed the contrib on a fresh install of osc. Get this nasty error when trying to add a category Fatal error: Call to undefined function: glob() in /var/www/html/catalog/admin/includes/reset_meta_cache.php on line 36 im sure it has something to do with the path. I am unsure how to do thi correctly, my apache has the defualt path to /catalog/ so should i just use /cache instead of that whole $meta_cahce_files_path? im new and dont quite know the syntax, help is appriciated thanks Eitan
  4. Eitan

    Table Rate Shipping

    Yeah, its definetly a weird one, i was experminenting yesterday, to try to make a temporary fix, but couldnt come up with anything, all im trying to do is just have 3 different charges for items, the weight isnt really an issue, i can set something to weigh 100lb or 1lb, just so it can calcualte the weight, but for somre reason, just aitn working right Eitan
  5. Eitan

    Table Rate Shipping

    Hi, im experiencing problems using hte table rate shipping, im trying to use this to charge depending on weight, however it isnt working. I do the following 1:45,150:160 im trying to charge 45 dollars for anything that weight up to 1lb, and im trying to charge 160 dollars for anything that weghs over a pound, however, if something weighs more then 1lb, it charged $135... not sure why Thanks in advance for any help Eitan
  6. Hey guys, got a couple quesitons here regarding shipping cost. Ive been using the Table method that calculates the shipping depending on the weight u input. Now this would work for me, because i dont mind the weight, but i could just set items to weigh differnt things so shipping would cost differnt. But i have found this not to work for me, due to some strange effects on my site that dont seem to make sence. Basicly 90% of my items are flat rate shipping, just have a couple that have free shipping or more expensive shipping, what would be a good way to go bout this? Any help and feedback is appriciated Thanks in advance Eitan
  7. Eitan


    Hi, im using the paypal payment module that comes with the fresh instalation of OSC..i had my first costumer purchase somethng yesterday, funny enough, paypal wont give me the information on what was purchased.. before it had shopping cart contents, now i dont know what was bought.. any help would be appricated.. Thanks Eitan