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  1. Hi there Deborah, I seem to be having the same dilemma with the Moneybookers module in the readme file. You say you figured it out, how? What does this instruction mean?


    Thank you in advance




    Hi Felix,


    That means you just have to edit [a_file].php the corresponding file to add to it the content of _[a_file].php



    Open /catalog/admin/includes/functions/general.php and add to it the content of _general.php


    And do the same for /catalog/includes/filenames.php - add to it the content of _filenames.php


    Does that seem clear?



  2. Hi,


    I am using How Did You Hear About Us v1.5 since a while and all is working fine, excepted the option "Display Referral options if "ref=###" is set".


    Ideally, I would love that, if ref=### is set, that the field "How did you hear about us:" doesn't appear, so it would allow me to precisely track the effectiveness of certain links placed at strategic places (e.g. the links which are in my Google Base feeds), and would make 1 field less for the customer to fill.


    But if I set this option "Display Referral options if "ref=###" is set" to "false" in the Configuration page, then the field "How did you hear about us:" doesn't appear anymore for _any_ customers - while it should stop appearing only for the customers whom have the ref=### set.


    I tracked down the cause of the problem to the file create_account.php, around line 530 of my file:

    <!-- // How did you hear about us - rmh referral start -->
     if ((tep_not_null(tep_get_sources()) || DISPLAY_REFERRAL_OTHER == 'true') && (!tep_session_is_registered('referral_id') || (tep_session_is_registered('referral_id') && DISPLAY_REFERRAL_SOURCE == 'true')) ) {
    	<td><?php echo tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '100%', '10'); ?></td>
    	<td class="main"><b><?php echo CATEGORY_SOURCE; ?></b></td>
    	<td><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2" class="infoBox">
    	  <tr class="infoBoxContents">
    		<td><table border="0" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2">
    			<td class="main"><?php echo ENTRY_SOURCE; ?></td>
    			<td class="main"><?php echo tep_get_source_list('source', (DISPLAY_REFERRAL_OTHER == 'true' || (tep_session_is_registered('referral_id') && tep_not_null($referral_id)) ? true : false), (tep_session_is_registered('referral_id') && tep_not_null($referral_id)) ? '9999' : '') . ' ' . (tep_not_null(ENTRY_SOURCE_TEXT) ? '<span class="inputRequirement">' . ENTRY_SOURCE_TEXT . '</span>': ''); ?></td>
    if (DISPLAY_REFERRAL_OTHER == 'true' || (tep_session_is_registered('referral_id') && tep_not_null($referral_id))) {
    			<td class="main"><?php echo ENTRY_SOURCE_OTHER; ?></td>
    			<td class="main"><?php echo tep_draw_input_field('source_other', (tep_not_null($referral_id) ? $referral_id : '')) . ' ' . (tep_not_null(ENTRY_SOURCE_OTHER_TEXT) ? '<span class="inputRequirement">' . ENTRY_SOURCE_OTHER_TEXT . '</span>': ''); ?></td>
     } else if (DISPLAY_REFERRAL_SOURCE == 'false') {
      echo tep_draw_hidden_field('source', ((tep_session_is_registered('referral_id') && tep_not_null($referral_id)) ? '9999' : '')) . tep_draw_hidden_field('source_other', (tep_not_null($referral_id) ? $referral_id : ''));
    <!-- // How did you hear about us - rmh referral end -->


    It seems that the different conditions "if" and "else if" are not working properly to display the field "How did you hear about us:" if DISPLAY_REFERRAL_SOURCE is true and ref=### is not set.


    Anybody would have an idea to re-write these "if" and "else if"?



  3. I have found the solution and I am posting it in case someone else runs into this problem.


    There were spaces after the ?> at the end of two modified php files in my include folder. It seems PHP doesn't like it when there are spaces at the end of a page.


    Hi Martin,


    Thanks for your posting of your solution - it's always helpful for others!


    Have you found the solution to the problem #1?

    I am having the same issue, the banner doesn't upload, but it works fine if sent manually via FTP.





  4. I have found a minor bug and fixed it, so I thought about sharing it here, so that it can be included in the next release:



    Fixed error in the popup window that prevented the category ID to appear correctly for the "Build category link" page:


    in /affiliate_validcats.php, changed line 51 from:


    			echo "<td class='infoBoxContents'> ".$row["categories_id"]."</td>\n";




    			echo "<td class='infoBoxContents'> ".$row["categories_id"]."</td>\n";


    (See the ";" that was missing after the " "?)




  5. Hi,


    I have some terms & conditions to add to my affliate programe,


    I know where to add them, however I keep getting a t string error.


    I need to add to this file at the point labeled insert terms:-



    define('NAVBAR_TITLE', 'Affiliate Program');

    define('HEADING_TITLE', 'Affiliate Program');


    define('HEADING_AFFILIATE_PROGRAM_TITLE', 'The ' . STORE_NAME . ' Affiliate Terms');

    define('TEXT_INFORMATION', 'insert terms');


    Text below is what i want to add:-


    This Agreement contains the complete terms and conditions that apply to an individual's or entity's participation in Whizzbitz’s Affiliates Scheme (the "Scheme"). As used in this Agreement, "we" means Whizzbitz.com, "you" means the applicant, and "services" means any product or service offered by Whizzbitz.com.

    Enrolling as an affiliate




    You have to preceed all the ' symbols by a \ , so that, for example,








    Do a search & replace of ' for \' in your text - but _before_ copying it to your php file.





  6. Just out of curiosity, I’m trying to have my customers download their product as soon as they purchase. Is this possible?


    Also what if I wanted to let them know it takes 7 to 10 business days after they make a purchase?


    Is there a way to let them know this once they purchase their product?


    Hi Stephen,


    You are not in the right topic for that. I'd suggest that you post in a more appropriate topic, you have a better chance to get an answer.





  7. Figured it out.


    The yahoo feeder had this:

    $ftp_user_pass = YAHOO_FTP_PASSWORD;


    Whereas the froogle feeder had this:

    $ftp_user_pass = FROOGLE_FTP_PASS;

    I change the yahoo feed so it read "PASS" and not "PASSWORD" and it works fine



    Hi varn,


    Great that you found it, thanks for reporting it here!


    I'll include this in the next release that I'll make at some point in the future, when I'll have more time.





  8. Help!!!


    I get this message when i click on froogle Uk RUN FEED


    File completed: froogle_uk_file.txt

    Connected to uploads.google.com, for user username

    uploads.google.com: FTP upload has failed!


    When i look in the feeds folder there is no file and it is set to 777


    All files are unmodifid.


    Is there some thing im missing as i have does when it says in the reedme.



    Hi Robert,


    It seems like you skipped a step in the configuration, as written on the readme.txt file:



    STEP 5: Go To Admin -> Store Feeds and sign-up for whichever accounts you wish to push your store feeds to. Be sure to write down all login information and account info.


    NOTE: To send a file to Google Base with this feeder, you first have to "Register a new bulk upload file" for every localization of Google Base you wish to sumbit. And to do so, you MUST login in your Google Base account from the login page of each localization (use the links provided in Admin -> Store Feeds).

    You have 1 Google Base account, but you can only reach the localized sections only through the localized login pages.



    As you can see on the message you pasted here, it was trying to connect to Google using the FTP user "username", which is the default one. It has to match your own settings (the user that you created in your Google Base account).





  9. I am new to PHP and installed this mod. I am not sure what i'm supposed to do. Is there a file I need to make and add products too before running the feed? or does it the program make the file itself? Is there a manual for this that will help us new people? When I try to run the feed I get this message:


    Warning: fopen(/home/thecageb/public_html/Storefront/catalog/feeds/froogle_us_file.txt) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/thecageb/public_html/Storefront/catalog/admin/froogle_us.php on line 446


    Warning: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/thecageb/public_html/Storefront/catalog/admin/froogle_us.php on line 447


    Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/thecageb/public_html/Storefront/catalog/admin/froogle_us.php on line 448


    Warning: fopen(/home/thecageb/public_html/Storefront/catalog/feeds/froogle_us_file.txt) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/thecageb/public_html/Storefront/catalog/admin/froogle_us.php on line 454


    Warning: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/thecageb/public_html/Storefront/catalog/admin/froogle_us.php on line 455


    Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/thecageb/public_html/Storefront/catalog/admin/froogle_us.php on line 456

    File completed: froogle_us_file.txt


    Warning: chmod() [function.chmod]: No such file or directory in /home/thecageb/public_html/Storefront/catalog/admin/froogle_us.php on line 458

    FTP open connection failed to uploads.google.com


    Script timer: 2.217669 seconds.


    any help is greatly appreciated




    Hi David,


    Have you changed the permissions of your folder /catalog/feed to 777 ?



  10. Dear benspun,


    The contribution seems really helpful. I have installed Automated Feeders v3.3 today with no errors (so far). Everything seems to be in the right place as you write in your readme.txt. I have upload a bulk file in a text format, about 1 hour now and I do not know what to expect.

    When I will see my products in froogle???? :huh:




    Hi Chris,


    It can take a few hours for Google to process your newly uploaded feed file. Just look at your status in your account.

    But the work you had to do is done, now you only need to wait a little bit for Google. It shouldn't be long.





  11. Hi sorry - that's bad communication, by below, I meant literally underneath the text, not as in sub-link. So in my menu I have :






    Locations/ Taxes





    That's it. I am guessing that Store Feeds should come after that? It's not there. Here's the code from the column_left.php file:




    $Id: column_left.php,v 1.15 2002/01/11 05:03:25 hpdl Exp $


    osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions



    Copyright © 2002 osCommerce


    Released under the GNU General Public License



    //BEGIN Information pages unlimited

    require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'information.php');

    //END Information pages unlimited


    require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'configuration.php');

    require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'catalog.php');

    require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'modules.php');

    require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'customers.php');

    require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'taxes.php');

    require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'localization.php');

    require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'reports.php');

    require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'tools.php');

    require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'storefeed.php');

    require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'header_tags_controller.php');


    Any ideas?






    Hi Angel,


    Weird, as it should appear there... It might seem like a silly question (but we need to check it, as that code should really work!): Are you sure that you uploaded correctly the file that you have modified?


    Normally we put the store feed link the one before last (that is, over "Tools"), like this:


      require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'configuration.php');
     require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'catalog.php');
     require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'modules.php');
     require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'customers.php');
     require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'taxes.php');
     require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'localization.php');
     require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'reports.php');
     require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'storefeed.php');
     require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'tools.php');

    but it don't think that it should make any difference... Try it anyways?


    Otherwise, I don't have any idea why it would not be working....





  12. Hi guys,


    I installed this contrib step by step but when I log into my admin panel I there is no feeds link under the Tools link. Any ideas of where I should start to check what went wrong?

    -instllaed the script

    -uploaded all the files

    -added the line of code to the column_left file

    Under the Configuration link I do have Feed Settings options, so something must have worked.




    Hi Angel,


    There is not supposed to be any new link under the menu Tools, so it is normal that you don't find any! :)

    The new links are in a new menu called "Store Feeds". It should be there, since you wrote that you edited the file column_left.php.





  13. Quick question were is


    When I change the name in configuration.php from: froogle_us_file.txt / New_Name_jdkjlkd.txt


    It does not change the output file name still uploads as froogle_us_file.txt


    Any ideas?




    Hi Adam,


    That is weird. It should indeed output the right file. Is the name change correctly saved in your database? (i.e. when you go back to the admin section, do you see your new name or still "froogle_us_file.txt"?)


    And what version of the froogle_us.php file are you using? Is it the latest version (of the versions I made - I didn't tried the other ones). The line 14 of it (where it takes the file name) should be:




    Can you confirm that you have the same line?





  14. I too am having a problem. The same, so I believe, that many others are having however could not find a solution here in the threads.


    Of course I goto my page:



    and I click



    which takes me to my page:



    and I receive the following error:

    File completed: allgojuryunetworktxt
    FTP open connection failed to uploads.google.com
    Script timer: 0.659959 seconds.


    I have already modified the /froogle_us.php file as directed to read.

    // Google Base Feed vX.04 - 2007-03-04
    // Original Author unknown.
    //  Start TIMER
    //  -----------
    $stimer = explode( ' ', microtime() );
    $stimer = $stimer[1] + $stimer[0];
    //  -----------
    $destination_file = allgojuryunetwork.txt;  //"CHANGEME-filename-to-upload-to-froogle.txt";


    Was there anything else I was supposed to change or is this a problem on with Google? I have already verified with my host that they have hundreds of ftp going to google through their systems without a problem.


    Any help would be appreciated.


    Hi JP,


    Reading your message I noticed that in your error message you get:


    File completed: allgojuryunetworktxt (notice the there is no dot "." in the file name)


    and in your froogle_us.php file the file is named with a dot:


    $destination_file = allgojuryunetwork.txt; //"CHANGEME-filename-to-upload-to-froogle.txt";



    That could well be your problem. Either try putting quote signs " " around the file name, or use (install) the lastest version of Automatic Store Feeds where the file names are given from the administration section and kept in the database (follow the instructions in the readme file to install/upgrade the contribution).


    Tell us how it goes.





  15. I am trying to use the Automatic feed contributions for e directory however it seems to run but dosn'e creat the file and dosn't product any errors, I have set the promissions on the feeds folder to 777, any help


    I am not using the feed generator for edirectory myself, so I don't know much that feed generator.

    Perhaps you could try to add some php code in different places of the file, for example:


    echo "getting the products infos";


    echo "creating the file";




    at the right places to be able to debug and to follow what the code executes and what it doesn't execute.


    Please come back here and write how it goes when/of you find a solution, so that it can help others.





  16. I have the exact same error message. I have the HTC contribution installed. Using phpMyAdmin I see:

    Field Type Collation Attributes Null Default Extra Action

    manufacturers_id int(11) No

    languages_id int(11) No

    manufacturers_url varchar(255) latin1_swedish_ci No

    url_clicked int(5) No 0

    date_last_click datetime Yes NULL

    manufacturers_htc_title_tag varchar(80) latin1_swedish_ci Yes NULL

    manufacturers_htc_desc_tag longtext latin1_swedish_ci Yes NULL

    manufacturers_htc_keywords_tag longtext latin1_swedish_ci Yes NULL

    manufacturers_htc_description longtext latin1_swedish_ci Yes NULL

    Would one of these take the place of products.manufacturers_id?


    I know nothing about databases. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


    Hi Norma,


    I don't know, I have to say.... I'm very sorry I can't help on that... :(


    I hope you can find. When/if you do, please come back here to post your solution, that will help others in the future.





  17. I am new to php and installed this contrib, it says to set CHMOD catalog/feeds to 777 but I can't find that folder in my files. I'm guessing that it is setting the permissions but am not sure. If anyone can tell me where to do this I would appreciate it greatly.




    Hi David,


    You have to create the folder /feeds where your osCommerce store is installed. Then use a FTP client or another program to change the permissions of that folder to 777 (on most FTP clients (programs), you just right-click on that folder and you'll have the option there).





  18. This is a great MOD but would like to ask a few questions.


    1. I can't get this to work froogle is just giving a Error: Disapproved - help

    2. On froogle - How do I set it up to Automatic send update ever 15 - 20 days?

    2. Are you working on a addition for MSN Live Products?

    Outcome: Bulk upload failed. No items are live. There are too many formatting errors in your file. - help

    Number of items processed: 0

    Number of items succeeded: 0

    Number of active items: 0

    Uploaded at: Sep 6, 2007 6:05am PDT

    Processed at: Sep 6, 2007 5:58am PDT



    Error Bad data Line #

    Disapproved - help








    Hi Adam,


    Thanks for writing here in the forums instead of in a PM (personal message).


    1- Could you copy & paste us here the first few lines of your generated feed (normally in your folder /catalog/feeds ), so that we can see what could be the problem. Also tell us which line # is written in Google's error message. This is where we'll have to look for.


    2- You can configure a cron tab (con job) to execute the file /catalog/admin/froogle_??.php every week or whatever you want. If needed, contact your web hosting provider on how to do that. It is quite easy to do with cPanel, I can guide you with that if needed, or simply search in Google for "cron tab". Here is the page from Wikipedia, which explains you the basic syntax: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crontab


    3- It would be a great thing to have feeds for MSN Live Products! I haven't used MSN Live Products myself yet, but I suppose that the actual feeds could probably be modified more or less easily for it. I've noted that to check later one, I unfortunately don't have time for it at the moment... :(





  19. Hi..


    i am getting this message from google.once i upload my feed.


    This attribute has been deprecated. - help label 1

    This attribute has been deprecated. - help shipping 1

    Looking at the previous post i know the deprecated attribute is something froogle doesnt use. how do i fix this error.


    many thanks


    Hi naf,


    That just says that Google Base stopped taking this attribute into consideration. But your feed should still be accepted.


    If you want to disable these attributes, simply disable these attributes in the files /catalog/admin/froogle_us.php , froogle_uk.php and/or froogle_de.php, by changing the "1" to a "0" at the top of these files.





  20. I just have a small issue with the BizRate feed. I have connected and everything is working good but some of my products the description is over 1000 characters. So is their a way to limit it to only 1000 characters or does this have to be done manually? Is their an easy way for this?




    Hi Nick,


    There surely is a way to do that, but I don't know right now, I'd have to search for it.

    You could use "sprintf" in the php code to take that long description and cut it to 1000 characters.


    Search for "php sprintf" in Google and you'll find the manual for it, to know how to use it.


    Hope this can help as well.





  21. Hi every one,


    I was using Google Base / Froogle Data Feeder v1.20 for a while now, , i was updating google feed every 2nd or 3rd day using ftp service(Part of this contributionl.


    But from last couples of days Google base started giving me error that there are too many formating error in my file. and ten no item is live any more.


    What I did now I made a backup of system and Installed Automated Store Feeds v3.3a.



    Now after following instructions When I upload feed, I am getting almost error below.



    : SQL error Unknown column 'products.manufacturers_id' in 'on clause'| sql = SELECT concat( 'http://www.zeeshop.co.uk/product_info.php?language=en&currency=GBP&products_id=' ,products.products_id) AS product_url, products_model AS prodModel, products_weight, manufacturers.manufacturers_name AS mfgName, manufacturers.manufacturers_id, products.products_id AS id, products_description.products_name AS name, products_or description.products_description AS description, products.products_quantity AS quantity, products.products_status AS prodStatus, FORMAT( IFNULL(specials.specials_new_products_price, products.products_price) * 1,2) AS price, CONCAT( 'http://www.zeeshop.co.uk/images/' ,products.products_image) AS image_url, products_to_categories.categories_id AS prodCatID, categories.parent_id AS catParentID, categories_description.categories_name AS catName FROM categories, categories_description, products, products_description, products_to_categories left join manufacturers on ( manufacturers.manufacturers_id = products.manufacturers_id ) left join specials on ( specials.products_id = products.products_id AND ( ( (specials.expires_date > CURRENT_DATE) OR (specials.expires_date = 0) ) AND ( specials.status = 1 ) ) ) WHERE products.products_id=products_description.products_id AND products.products_id=products_to_categories.products_id AND products_to_categories.categories_id=categories.categories_id AND categories.categories_id=categories_description.categories_id AND products.products_status != 0 AND products.products_price != 0 AND products.products_price != '' AND products_description.language_id = '1' AND products_description.language_id = '1' AND categories_description.language_id = '1' ORDER BY products.products_id ASC



    Please help me, because i had a major update in stock and need to upload in many different shopping search engines.

    Also What experienced User suggestes, Should I continue to use Froogle Data Feeder v1.20

    or udate to Automated Store Feeds v3.3a is right decision.


    Please help me sorting this error out for me.


    Thansk and regards.




    Hi zee,


    It seems that you don't have the column "products.manufacturers_id" in your database. I'd suggest looking at your database (with phpMyAdmin or similar). Perhaps some other contribution(s) have modified it's name, I'm not sure... (If that's the case, then replace "products.manufacturers_id" (without the quotes " " ) by the name of your column in the code and it should fix it.)


    Hope this can help.





  22. I keep getting the following message when i try to run froogle_us.php

    Any suggestions on this problem. Everything seem to install fine but it just gives this message. Also has anyone noticed that. Thanks sooo much for your help


    Hi Jonathan,


    You need to configure the "Froogle FTP username" in the configuration section of your store, under "Feed Settings".




    -Ben Martin

  23. If Google is giving you a "We did not understand this location." error, here is the solution:


    In the file /catalog/admin/froogle_us.php froogle_uk.php and froogle_de.php , edit line 94:


    	$default_location = "Address of the items's location here";  // Addresses should be formatted as: street, city, state, postal code, country. Each location element should be separated by a comma.


    and replace "Address of the items's location here" by the adress where your items are located (keep the quotes " " there).



    Or you can disable the field "location" by changing the line 93 to:


    $location = 0;



    That field was enabled by default in the last release and I forget to update the installation instructions, that's my mistake.


    -Ben Martin

  24. hi Martin


    sorry for late reply.HAd alok at the other file and this is what i found


    link title description expiration_date label price image_link id instock shipping brand quantity payment_accepted payment_notes product_type currency language ship_to condition location

    http://www.xxxxx.co.uk/product_info.php?la...p;products_id=1 Toshiba PX1176U-2NAC 2007-06-03 Toshiba PX1176U-2NAC,PX1176U-2NAC,Toshiba 3.55 http://www.xxxx.co.uk/images/m_images/prod...mages/sorry.jpg 1uk Y US:Ground:2.05,CA:Ground:2.05,UK:Ground:1.70,DE:Ground:0,AT:Ground:1.70,IE:Groun

    d:1.70,CH:Ground:1.70,DK:Ground:1.70,PL:Ground:1.70,FR:Ground:1.70 Toshiba 1 Visa,MasterCard,AmericanExpress,Discover,check,WireTransfer,PayPal We also accept payments by PayPal and by Bank Transfer. Keyboards and mice GBP en ALL new Address of the items's location here

    http://www.xxxxx.co.uk/product_info.php?la...p;products_id=2 Toshiba PX1253E-1DAC Multimedia Keyboard UK English - black Multimedia Keyboard UK English - black Suitable for all Toshiba notebooks 2007-06-03 Toshiba PX1253E-1DAC Multimedia Keyboard UK English - black,PX1253E-1DAC,Toshiba 11.96 http://www.xxxxx.co.uk/images/m_images/pro...mages/sorry.jpg 2uk Y US:Ground:2.05,CA:Ground:2.05,UK:Ground:1.70,DE:Ground:0,AT:Ground:1.70,IE:Groun

    d:1.70,CH:Ground:1.70,DK:Ground:1.70,PL:Ground:1.70,FR:Ground:1.70 Toshiba 54 Visa,MasterCard,AmericanExpress,Discover,check,WireTransfer,PayPal We also accept payments by PayPal and by Bank Transfer. Keyboards and mice GBP en ALL new Address of the items's location here


    under location it has ur address here..Is that right


    Many thanks



    Hi Nafri,


    Yes, you got it, the error is related to the field "location", which is currently "Address of the items's location here" and Google is expecting an address and can't recognize this one!


    That's my mistake, I forgot to update the installation instruction to tell people to modify this according to their own address.


    So, in the file /catalog/admin/froogle_us.php froogle_uk.php and froogle_de.php edit line 94:


    	$default_location = "Address of the items's location here";  // Addresses should be formatted as: street, city, state, postal code, country. Each location element should be separated by a comma.

    and put the adresse of your items.


    Or disable the "location" field by changing line 93 to:


    $location = 0;


    And it will work fine for your.




    -Ben Martin