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  1. Dolphin

    PayPal Done but no order records?

    Think there is no answer yet to my query.. :) Let's try again. After purchasing, the order is recorded, email is sent to customer and also my shop's admin. But at paypal's end, there is no email to say that money is collected and at paypal site, no money is collected. Is this supposed to be the case cause it is test paypal?
  2. Dolphin

    PayPal Done but no order records?

    Hi, does this means it also slow in the live system? Finally I got the reply back, but strangely there is no emails sent out to say that there are monies collected at the paypal account, is it suppose to be like that in the test environment? Thanks so much.
  3. Dolphin

    PayPal Done but no order records?

    Hi, I setup as suggested and it works. I can receive as a customer and it is recorded at the orders admin page. However, although a successful payment at sandbox, the status did not get registered back to the order admin as "processing", it stays as "preparing [paypal ipn]", also in paypal, no record was found, no emails sent. Any idea why? Thanks a lot.
  4. Dolphin

    PayPal Done but no order records?

    Thanks! There are a few copies of mods found, may I know which one should be used? 1) osCommerce PayPal IPN Module v1.0 For 2.2MS2 2) PayPal_Shopping_Cart_IPN 3) PayPal_Shopping_Cart_IPN_v2.6a (addon only) 4) PayPal IPN Gateway for osCommerce
  5. Dolphin

    PayPal Sending to checkout_success.php

    Hi, I am facing the same problem while testing my site too. But for mine, Paypal receives the payment, but at the site itself, BOTH admin din't register the transaction and the customer (myself as tester) did not receive any receipt email as well. Anyone can help??
  6. Dolphin

    PayPal Done but no order records?

    Hi, I have tried 3 times using paypal to process the purchases, at paypal end, the transaction went through. But at my site, the orders are not "processed" into the orders module inwhich we can print invoice etc. The purchased items are not deduced as well. Anyone knows why?
  7. Dolphin

    Can't add another Zone

    Zone Based Rates HI ALL, I CAN ONLY SEE 1 ZONE IN THE FORM, HOW DO I ADD ZONES TO IT? I PROBABLY WOULD NEED 6 ZONES. THANKS. Enable Zones Method True Tax Class --none-- Sort Order 0 Zone 1 Countries US,CA Zone 1 Shipping Table 3:8.50,7:10.50,99:20.00 Zone 1 Handling Fee 0
  8. Hi All, Got this error messsage. I am operating in Singapore. Can't the UPS module support this location? United Parcel Service An error occured with the UPS shipping calculations. Unsupported country specified If you prefer to use UPS as your shipping method, please contact the store owner.
  9. Dolphin


    Ok, but in that, I am seeing a lot of zones already defined... but they are not reflected accordingly in the shippment module... is there something wrong? (Default setup, din't change anything)... Hmmmm :(
  10. Dolphin


    Hi for all the modules, the default zone is "Florida", may I find out where can I add different zones in?