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  1. josheli

    Allprods contibution question

    3. There should be an includes/languages/allprod.php file. that is the "language" file to upload to your languages directory. 4. You can add the link around a transparent spacer gif for instance, or around a blank space. put it in your header.php page. i put the following in a table cell in my header page. <?php echo '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_ALLPRODS, '', 'NONSSL') . '"> </a>'; ?> " " could easily be an image: <img src="spacer.gif">. you could also just make it a live link that customers will actually see.
  2. in reference to this: i meant, not if they checkout, but if they leave the site before the session is destroyed on checkout_success.php
  3. maybe i didn't set it up right, but i think most people will have to make additional mods. For instance, if a customer goes through this Purchase Without Account process, then clicks on "My Account" in the header, they will be taken to account.php with buttons for Editing their account, Notifications, Order History and Address Book. If they click on "Edit Account" there, then the account_edit.php page is shown with a box to create a password. Also, i have the Login as Infobox mod installed, and i don't want that showing if the customer is going through this express no account checkout. a simple if statement in the appropriate place cures most of these. the code the readme suggests for the header seems to work fine. if (!tep_session_is_registered('noaccount')) { also, if you take away the ability to logoff, and someone checks out, leaves the site, then comes back, or closes that browser but has another one open, their session will still be registered, so that a Welcome Back Bob! message would be displayed, or if they then add another item to the cart, it will still have their account info. This may be disconcerting, if the login.php pages says "This option means we won't store any records, or keep track of your orders...." did i explain that ok? just some of the issues i've found, but works great. thanks.
  4. josheli

    RSS ??

    You're welcome. My first contribution.
  5. I just posted a contribution to put info boxes outside of OSC (but still on the same site). http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1075 Thanks.
  6. josheli

    RSS ??

    i just posted a contribution to put infoboxes on your site but outside of OSC: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1075