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  1. Tarnadair

    Header Tag Controller question

    If I'm not mistaken, I think it handles the meta-tags only. I think I saw another contribution or thread though where someone had done what you want. It's something I'll be adding myself later, if I find it again and ever get time :-)
  2. Tarnadair


    :) It's the Attributes Sorter v 4.0 solo (without the Free Call for Price installed). It looks like it's a call for the define from the Free Call mod - if I had it installed. It doesn't affect the functionality or anything. Just prints up the call itself.
  3. Tarnadair


    Ehhe :P I don't think I ever fully grasped all the functionality of the mod. 'Twas one of my first and I got it to do the one thing I wanted to do so I kinda just pressed on at the time. :wink:
  4. Tarnadair


    Hmm, Looks like Linda is working the other one up to MS1. Functional the way it is for the time being. I'll just wait.
  5. Tarnadair


    I've got this "FREE_CALL_HELPER" showing up printed out (exactly like that) underneath the "Products Name" entry when I am editing or adding products. Looking at the categories.php I see this was added when I installed the attribute sorter & admin and it appears that it should be calling a value or something from somewhere but whatever it might be is not there. Everything seems to be functional with the attribute sorter and admin otherwise. I'm not sure though whether this might result in a problem in the long run, etc. Is this normal? Can I just remove it from the code? Linda or anyone that can steer me in the right direction?
  6. Graeme would be correct (I think [and hope] :shock: ) Had me puzzled for a few minutes. Step 3 needs to be changed a little if you're installing Joshua's button keeler. :-) You have to change your search string a little, and the change you make since Version 1.45 changed $product_info_values to $review_values in the specified line.
  7. Tarnadair

    Attributes Sorter Install Gone Bad

    I had removed the code that puts in the "reviews" button and code, the "This product was added" text :sleepy: and, if I remember correctly something else I didn't want right in that area. I thought I had checked it yesterday after I removed each one in succession :oops: I guess I got happy 'cause I got away with the first couple! Wierd, cause the parse error came on the very last line. I'm learnin'!
  8. Tarnadair

    Attributes Sorter Install Gone Bad

    ...and thanks for the great modifications too!!! You're awesome Linda. :D
  9. Tarnadair

    Attributes Sorter Install Gone Bad

    Don't hit me! :roll: I just isolated it to "something else" I was dinking with and was "almost certain" that I had verified worked after I did it and before I installed the sorter :shock: *Bonks self on head* Thanks for lookin' though! *sheepishly slinks out* Seriously, thanks tho!
  10. Tarnadair

    Attributes Sorter Install Gone Bad

    >>If the error is coming when you are on product_info.php ... I would suspect it is on the catelog side not the admin side<< Ehhe, nods, I was just kinda realizing that was probably the case after thinking about it ;-P :oops: The admin side looks to be working fine - looks great anyway! The url is www.amvtwin.com/catalog I'm still pokin' around. I think it might have something to do with when they optimized the logic, but I'm about a light-year behind you in php knowledge. :?
  11. Ran into a problem after installing Linda's Attributes Sorter v 4.0. Somehow I bungled the installation of it I think and need maybe to be pointed in the right direction. Quick description of what I did and the results. I've been keeping my code pretty much up to date with the cvs and my trusty Merge software. (It was current roughly a week ago.) Before I went to merge her changes with mine I merged the changes from cvs into her code to bring it up current with mine. After merging the result into mine (previously successfully bigimage, header tag controller, and header admin modified), putting the new table in the database, etc. I come up with the following error. :? On product_info.php (and seemingly only that one) I get a parse error on the last line (when it calls application_bottom.php or on the blank line after if I save it with a carriage return). I suspect it's an error in my code on admin/categories.php or admin/products_attributes.php. The merges were a bit of a bear with the previously installed mods. :shock: Any suggestions or pointers on what I might be looking for? Thanks in advance for any guidance anyone can give me :) Roy
  12. Sooo... :shock: I'm changing to the new checkout procedure in CVS that went up 10/31 (new checkout procedures). Anybody had any problems if they already had this mod installed when upgrading? Have to "deinstall" it? Anything? I saw that Harald was going to put the non-customer checkout (that he did during the checkout rework) into contributions but I didn't see it, or am I just missing it? :?
  13. Tarnadair

    withoutaccount v.1.2

    I "think" if you have a later snapshot it won't work. It was written for a snapshot back in Julyish? Wouldn't work with my mid September snapshot. Cheng has posted a more recent one that should work. - I believe it's withoutaccount .50, then he tweaked it to .55 to get rid of a couple bugs. That should work with the later snapshots. :) I haven't integrated the .55 but the other looked like it was pretty close when i fiddled with it.